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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nice to be home

In the words of Dorothy, "There's no place like home." And better yet, there is no bed like your own. I forgot how wonderful my bed is.
We got home around 7:00pm on Tuesday.
Starla and Bill had to work on Wednesday, but we were up before either of them left the house. Drew was sleeping on the couch. He had been to a concert and came here afterwards. He got up early and we went to Somerset to get our new phones. Once there Drew informed us that the phone that I wanted was $78 cheaper in LaVale. So we packed up and drove down there. Well actually, we didn't have anything to pack up, I don't know why I said that.
On the way to LaVale we texted Tom to see if he wanted to meet us for lunch. He said he would so we planned to meet him at the chinese restuarant. We stopped at the house that Drew is buying so that he could show it to us. It is a nice little starter home. I am so proud of him.
We did go to Chinese and of course ate too much, but it sure was good.
After that we went up to Walmart to shop for our phones. Drew decided to get the same phone that I liked. Pops wanted something different. Tom is not yet eligible for an upgrade. And Starla had given me 3 choices for her new phone.
Turns out they didn't have the phone that Pops wanted. It will be in next week sometime and it too is cheaper than Somerset. They didn't have Starla's first choice either and choices 2 and 3 required a data plan which she wasn't interested in. So just Drew and I got new phones. My new phone is what they call a "smart phone." Well, it sure makes me feel dumb. Maybe someday I'll learn how to do something with it. I can turn it on and off so far. And I'm not even kidding about that.
I bought a few groceries and then we went home.
It sure was nice to spend some time with my sons. I love them so much.
Pops and I went to Bible study in the evening. As soon as we walked in our church family surrounded us with hugs. Oh, how I have missed them. It was so very good to be here with such dear friends. we were studying different creeds that people have and how and when they came about. It was a good study.
After Bible study we drove up to pick up Levi Shaffer. He was going hunting in Ohio with Pops in the morning. We loaded up all of his equipment and drove home.
Thursday morning Pops and Levi got up kind of early to go to Ohio. They will be home Saturday evening. Their friend Shane went along too. Starla was up getting ready for work and Bill was awake too.
After everyone left but Bill and myself we were talking and he asked me if I enjoyed driving my car yesterday. I told him that I did although it felt like riding in a go cart and I felt like I needed a helmet. He told me that Hunter had one here if I wanted to borrow it. Can you imagine seeing me driving my car down the road wearing a helmet? hahaha
Once Bill left for work I got busy, .......watching tv. I have not done that in 38 days. Starla had taped 2 of my favorite shows for me so I have about 10 hours of catching up to do. I watched 4 shows, fast forwarding through the commercials so I watched for about 2 1/2 hours. Then I went out to clean the truck. That didn't take too long. And it sure looks good again. I did keep it pretty clean while on the road, but the rugs needed washed and everything needed wiped down real good.
I needed to leave the house at 2:50 because I had an appointment with the chiropractor at 3:30. Tom was meeting me there. We both got a big long informative "lecture" from Dr. Rob and then he adjusted our backs and necks. I felt a lot better immediately, Tom did too, although Doc told him that he would be sore in the morning.
Afterwards we went across the street for pie and coffee. I do love spending time with my kids. It was nice. He went home after that and I drove to get some gas in my car. When I got back to the house Starla was already home. It was pretty late. We made supper and now we are just sitting here watching the Ravens game. Well, they are, I am playing on the computer.
Tomorrow I am meeting some of my friends from Rest Assured for lunch. I am excited, I miss them.

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eaglespointe said...

It's good having you home. I have enjoyed hearing about your adventures first-hand. It's good to have you home because you are such an encouragement to me (even though pops keeps hugging my wife).