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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love my friends

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive to me. I do love all of you so very much. I thank you for your encouragement, prayers, comments, hugs, and invitations for lunch, time together or just a shoulder.
I had a really nice day on Monday. I had to go into the bank to open another account so that I can keep our work and taxes seperate from our other funds. Then Starla and I went into Somerset. We went to AT & T again. That's the 3rd time this week. Trying to get the whole family's phones updated and taken care of. For some reason they say that Starla was not eligible for an upgrade. So apparently we got that straightened up.
Then we stopped at McDonalds before going to my Dad's. We picked up some food to take there.
When we got to Dad's he was sleeping. But he woke up right away. He really like his cowboy hat that I brought him from Nevada. He had me take a picture of him to send to his sister. Not long after we got there my nephew, Jake, came over to visit and then my sister, Amy and sister in law, Barb. It was such a nice visit. It was so good to see my family again.
We used to have family supper every Monday night and all of us would get together to eat. I always liked when we did that.
I didn't get to see my brother this time, but I did see my niece, Beth not too long ago when Pops and I stopped at the Somerset Walmart with our truck. She works there.
After leaving Dad's house we drove up to Domino's Pizza. My niece, Kacey was there visiting her boyfriend, Kevin. So we visited with them for a short time and then Starla and I came home.
We were only home for a little while and then we left again to go up to Rest Assured for a visit. It was great to see the residents. There are a few new ones since I stopped working there. One of the new men that is there used to work for me driving school bus when I worked at the bus garage. Most of the residents remembered me but some of the ones with memory problems did not. I really liked getting hugs and kisses from the ones that remembered me.
We visited with the workers for a little while too, but didn't want to keep them from their work so we didn't stay very long. I will stop back up there whenever I get the chance. I do often think of the workers and residents. And I will forever be grateful to God for giving me that job on the exact day that I needed it.
Once we left Rest Assured we traveled over to Frostburg where Starla was meeting with a family that needs someone to watch their children 1-2 days per week.
Then we came home and fixed supper.
Wow, was I sleepy. It was a long fulfilling day. And most importantly, an enjoyable one. And I felt good about all of it.
I talked to Pops on the phone for a little while then went to bed around 10:00.

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