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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Week

Well, of course we survived the fasting. It wasn't so bad really. As a matter of fact, we talked about doing it once a week. We did get a snack just after midnight of leftover turkey and a couple pretzels.
The next morning was Sunday. We got up and went to Reidsville Christian Church. It was a newer built building holding 2 services each Sunday morning with a total of 400 people. We went to the early service because of our noon pickup. As soon as we walked in we were made welcome and taken to the fellowship hall where they had a nice table of donuts, biscuits, ham, bacon, tomatoes, coffee, tea. Wow. Free breakfast, cool. They had just built an addition to the building of new classrooms and a teen room. We were given a tour.
We then went into the auditorium. It was very spacious and decorated for Christmas already, how pretty. They started off their service with a praise and worship team in the front, consisting of about 20 singers, a trombone, keyboard, guitar and a bass guitar and drummer. It was very uplifting. At one point I felt tears in my eyes.
The preacher's name is Shannon Newsome. His message was entitled, "Grab a Bowl." It was about how Jesus humbled himself and became a servant and washed the feet of the apostles. Also how we as christians should be like Him and humble ourselves and be of service to others. It was really good.
We really enjoyed their service and will definately go back if we are in that area.
After church we headed over for our pickup. It was about 7 miles away. That went smoothly and we got moving right away. Off to San Antonio.
Traffic was a nightmare. I guess because of holiday travel. But it was 80 miles of stop and go driving. Pops could not sleep through that at all and kept getting up and coming up front. I was worried because I knew that he would have to drive tonight.
When my driving time was up he took over and he did have trouble because of no sleep so we used up all of allotted time taking rest breaks. We were not late for our delivery. We made it about an hour early. Our delivery place was a little confusing to find because it is a brand new location, but we found it and it was an easy delivery.
After making our delivery we drove up to home depot to wait for our owners. They were coming to meet us and bring us some truck parts and supplies. They are trying to get our water and tv and some other things fixed for us. They are really good people and good to work for. They treat us really well.
We were then sent to Houston for layover. So here we are. We got showers and got our laundry done and ate a good Denny's breakfast. We just got a load opportunity, gotta go. More later.

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