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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

We absolutely had the best visit home. I enjoyed everyone so much. It wasn't the richest Christmas ever and it certainly wasn't problem free, but I just really enjoyed being with everyone.
We had a great visit with our son, Frankie and his family but I don't have the pix ready so I will post that a little later. It was so much fun.
Anyway, after a great break and having our truck getting most of the needed work done while we were home we went back into service on 12/30. It wasn't long until load offers started to come our way. We accepted a load picking up in Ohio and delivering tomorrow in New Orleans. Well, it was a Friday and New Year's Eve. We probably won't get another load until Monday. I guess we could be spending the weekend in worse places. A good friend of ours, Ralph, is sitting in South Dakota because of a blizzard and can't go anywhere.
Yesterday and today this area had tornado warnings with 3 people actually losing their lives to the storms. It is rainy and VERY HUMID, 75 degrees, but I am not minding it. Of course, the tornadoes are supposed to be out of this area now.
We were right at the gulf. I took some pictures out of the window, but because of the weather it is foggy and the pictures aren't very good.
We are at a truckstop now. We did see some fireworks earlier while driving here. I hope everyone here is tame. We would like to celebrate quietly. Tomorrow we plan to go for Chinese food for lunch.
Before I sign off, if you are a prayer warrior, please pray for Melvin Logsdon, a great friend and elder of Wills Mt. He is in the hospital for a bad infection for the third or fourth time. Please pray that God heals him.
Also, Annette Riley, a good friend from Laurel Highlands Church. She is in the hospital too and needs encouragement, love and prayers. We love you, Annette. Hang in there, Honey.
I wish everyone a very happy new year. I hope all of you are safe and set for yourselves realistic, attainable goals and then don't disappoint yourself. Be your best, all the time. Love you all.

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fiege2002 said...

happy new year and safe travels. love you:)