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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Sunday

Last evening we searched the internet for a church to attend today. We found two. I called both to find out the times for services and to see if they would have parking available for the truck. I got answering machines at both. I left messages but realized that by the time someone came into the church in the morning it probably would be too late by the time they called us to find our way there. But neither one of them called me back anyway. (Just a hint: if you are in the church directory you may want to leave a phone number at someone's home. So people can get info before it's too late. And if you have a website with service times that is great but let people know what kind of parking is available, in case they drive truck or have an RV.) I'm just sayin'.
We opted not to go to the generic service in the truckstop, but to have our own service just the two of us. It was nice. We had a good lesson on God being our refuge and our strength. We reviewed the week's 1st Place lesson. We had our communion and Pops prayed for us. We didn't take up an offering though. lol
Just so you know, we do send our tithe check to our home church every week. We do not ever want to forsake the Lord.
After our service we decided to go out to eat. Pops took me to the Olive Garden in Baton Rouge. It was very crowded and we thought we would have to wait a long time but we got right in. Have you seen the commercials for Stuffed Chicken Marsala? Well, it is so good. Yum. We both had doggy bags when we left there though.
We were parked at a big mall and there was a Petco there so we went in to see if they had a solution to the extreme shedding of our dogs. We bought a glove that you use to pet the dog with and it gathers the shedding hair. Well let me tell you, it works good. I was thoroughly disgusted with the hair that came off of Lucy and then Chucky. I'm glad we decided to sit outside and do it. There were tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling across the parking lot, no lie. And then we thought why not take them back in and get their nails trimmed. I always have such a hard time doing it. Chucky puts up such a fuss. So we got them done there and I bought them a new tug of war toy too.
Then we drove out of Baton Rouge again, there are no truckstops there, to Denham Springs. It was about 13 miles out. There is a pilot there. Once we got parked, Pops jumped on C link to play spider Sol, and I baked up the rest of the cookies from the other night. I am finally figuring out my oven. If it says to bake at 325 degrees I have to bake at 350 and I always have to add a little extra baking time too. But the cookies were good.
There is a HUGE Outdoor World right beside the Pilot. We decided to walk over to see if they might have some boots for me. When we walked in it was like being in a bayou. There were huge trees with spanish moss hanging from them and every kind of bayou creature was stuffed or replicated. I did get a nice pair of leather work boots. And also a cute pair of shoes that was on clearance. We walked around all over just enjoying  time to relax. Pops was looking at a new bass boat (pontoon.) Maybe someday. He was also looking for some long underwear so he didn't have to be cold again, but he forgot where we are. They don't have to sell long underwear in LA. They still had their shorts and Tshirts out.
I was taking a picture of Pops on the bass boat when I heard someone behind me say, "Take my picture."
I turned around and there was the cutest little boy sitting on top of a big 4-wheeler with a big red bow on it.
So I said, "Do you want me to take your picture?" When he said yes, I got my camera ready and then he got shy and ducked his head. "Let me take your picture, smile." So he did and I found out his name is Quintin. See his picture below. I hope Santa finds him being a good boy.
When we got up to the register to pay, I used my debit card but she needed my drivers license which was in the truck. So Pops and I hiked the 2 1/2 blocks over to the truck grabbed my license and the dogs and hiked back over. I paid for my stuff and then we walked back. It was a good walk for the dogs, as a matter of fact they are still sleeping.
Well, after all of that I guess we should get some sleep. We had a load offer already today for Austin, TX. I love Texas but I want to go home, sorry.
I hope we get something right away.
Talk to you later.


Jeff's Journal said...

gotta keep your feet dry and warm so you don't get sicker...

collettakay said...

Missed you yesterday. I'm going to try to put some pictures on the Church's facebook page.

Love you both. You need to come home. It has been toooo long!