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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunshine and warmth, at last

It was a good trip so far. We had some rough weather in some places and snow clear to the southern most part of Tennessee. But once we entered GA no more snow.
We stopped at one truckstop, I can't even remember where and one of the trucks had spilled a fairly big pile of corn. This crow was there just having a feast. He probably felt like he hit the lottery. It was hilarious watching him.
We got to drive through Alabama in the daytime this time. Usually it is dark when we come through there. Alabama really is a pretty state. It reminds me alot of back home except for they were mowing the edges of the highway, yes I said mowing. Not plowing.
I was still feeling pretty nasty so I slept some today while Pops drove. He is still sick too, but wanted to get further down the road.
I woke up in Mississippi, we were about 80 miles in and I had to pee. Well, we looked for a rest area, none; we looked for a truckstop, none; we looked for anything, none; all they had were "parking areas-no facilities." What is that? So I suffered until we got to the Welcome center in Louisiana. It sure was welcome, lol.
The dogs got to play off their leashes there for a good while too. It was a nice place to stop. Pops chatted it up with 2 women in the welcome center. I think they liked his FedEx uniform. hahaha
Anyway, now we are in Hammond, LA. We just washed all our bedclothes and I cleaned the truck inside with antibacterial cleaner and we showered so everything feels clean and germ free for this minute anyway.
Gotta go for now, Chucky is pestering me to go outside. And I totally understand the need to go. ha

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