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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Second Home Church

We got to attend the Westview Christian Church for the second Sunday in a row. I find that amazing, since we have been on the road almost 3 months now and have not been to the same church twice and here we are going to the same one 2 weeks in a row.
We didn't let them know we were coming this time so it was a surprize. We were welcomed just the same today as last week and it all seemed more familiar which it was.  David told us if we're there next Sunday he'll talk to us about transfering our membership. hahaha and we got to meet the UPS guy. He was nice, too.
The Sunday school lesson was a continuation of last week's "Detours in your life." Today we talked about the detours that are not God's will, open doors that Satan puts before us. Man, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. We have to really be on guard. David, the preacher, said that sometimes we will see an open door and grab God's hand and try to pull Him the direction that we want to go. And he is right I have tried to do that before. We really need to examine our choices and pray about them and make the choice that we know is God's will. We need to use the resources that God has provided for us, like the scriptures, to help us be wise in our choices.
After Sunday school we went into the worship service. It was part two of the Christmas sermons. Today was, "When Jesus gave Himself to Man." The scripture text was, Phillipians 2:6-8. When Jesus was pre-incarnate He had so much. He was divine, He was majestic, He had unlimited power and He gave all of that up to come to this earth. He gave up all the worship in the Heaven. Why would Jesus become a man on this earth? He did it all to fulfil the scripture and become the redemption of our sins for us. His gift of coming to this earth was the greatest gift for mankind ever.
It really is a great little congregation. They have a website, check them out:
We went with David and his wife, Linda for burgers and fellowship after church. We really enjoy their company.
Now we are back at the truckstop listening to the wind howl. It was sunny and 53 degrees awhile ago, but the weather here is calling for a change to colder and possible a snowflake or two.
We are still being offered trips to Michigan or Illinois, I don't know, Maybe if the payrate was a little higher. Right now, I am going to take a nap and then well see.
I got a text that the weather back home is pretty nasty with ice. Oh, be careful. I hate ice. That is the worst. I hope everyone is staying indoors, drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn on your lap.
Talk to you later, stay warm and safe.

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Jeff's Journal said...

that minister is going to think you literally took his word; don't make yourselves too at home; we want you home with us; by the way...thanx for the Pizza Hut card...been looking for you on-line...we need to chat...