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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back to PA and Snow

We had to spend a whole day in Houston waiting around but that is okay. When you are patient the right load comes around. While we waited I cleaned the truck, Pops fixed the water pump so I don't have to carry water jugs anymore, yippee. I also got the tree lights going again. One of the bulbs got jarred loose. And then that evening we finished watching a movie we had started earlier. It is called Faith like Potatoes and it is a very good movie.
When we woke up in the morning we got a good load right away. It was from Kemah, TX to Maidsville, WV. Kemah is near Galveston. NASA space center is right there. It was a very easy pickup. Some metal thing on wheels with several big hoses, they called it a bearings buggy. So before going to far we stopped at Walmart in Kemah for groceries. It is a super nice area. I bet all the astronauts live there. As I shopped I looked around wondering if this person or that person was a real astronaut. You never know.
After leaving there and getting on the road as we drove about 3 blocks I pointed and told Pops, "Look water, it"s the Gulf." It was the Gulf of Mexico. So we have been to all 3 coasts now. We had to cross a very interesting looking bridge and it didn't even scare me. I think I'm getting better.
I drove until about supper time (7:00) and then Pops took over. I had put a piece of beef into the crockpot and planned to make baked potatoes. He decided he didn't want beef so after taking my piece out I chopped his up and added a can of mixed vegetables and a can of diced tomatoes and voila, he had vegetable soup.
I went to sleep soon after getting my belly full. I slept pretty good waking on and off as he got pulled in to weigh stations or for fuel. But I didn't really get up until almost Knoxville, TN. By then it was almost my turn to drive. I hurried and made us ham and cheese omelets and put it on deli bread for breakfast and then I took over the wheel. I bearly got moving before I started to notice snow laying in the wooded areas. Ugh! Let's go back to Texas. Please!
Pretty uneventful driving today but I did get to cross the big suspension bridge again at Beckley, WV. Again, no big deal. Yep, I'm getting immune to bridges. I hope.
Our delivery was through a very small town, like Hyndman, PA but up a huge mountain road, a narrow, dirt/mud, mountain road with 1000 cars coming the opposite direction. We off loaded it and back down the dirty road.
We got to layover in Pittsburgh, so we got our truck washed and I fixed a good supper of lemon chicken breasts with home fried potatoes. Now we wait for a load or we go home for the weekend. Wouldn't that be nice?


Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

I'm sure home for the weekend would be nice!

I love lemon and chicken

collettakay said...

I vote home for the weekend!

Melissa O said...

I'm extremely impressed you can actually cook a huge meal like that in a truck!! Amazing!

litebearer said...

I vote you come home and get some good rest and visit all you family.