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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Down to Dixie, eventualy.

We sure enough did start to get load offers before we got into the shop. I knew that would happen, but most of the offers were for night runs all in upper state New York. Well, no thank you. Not after last night. I had seen lake effect snow and now know that I'm not interested. Although most of the time in the day time it is fairly okay.
There was one particular load that they kept pushing onto our computer. It seems that everyone was turning it down for some reason. It was a pickup and delivery with a total of 285 miles all upstate. So it was a short, after dark run that didn't pay very well.
Just as we pulled into the shop we got a load offer for South Carolina delivery that picked up not far from where we are. We took the load. Yippee. I'm going south.
We got our wipers and lights fixed and was out of the shop in no time. The other load was still coming across the computer, now the pay was more than doubled. I thought about it for a minute and said to Pops, could we do both runs? A five hour trip around upstate didn't seem so awful now that I knew I was going south tomorrow. He called FedEx.
"Yeah," they said. We could do both if we thought we wanted to. Great, 2 runs instead of just one is good at Christmas time. So off we dashed for Vernon, NY.
Of course it was snowing. Hahaha, we were dashing through the snow. Well not for long. Our dashing gradually became crawling. The closer we got to Syracuse the harder it was snowing too.
We made it to the pickup right on time. We got loaded and was out of there in just a few minutes. Now more north to a place called La Fargeville, NY. It is right on the border to Canada. It took us about 2 hours to get there and they unloaded us quickly and away we went. Well, that was pretty easy really. But, boy, are we sleepy. And it's 2 1/2 hours until we can stop and still snowing.
Pops really is a good driver in the snow, but I was still nervous when I began to see car bumpers and fenders lying in the berm. Then we drove past the accident scene that had closed the interstate last night. There were still 3 tractor trailers laying on their sides pushed off to the side of the road. Wow, it reminded me of the train derailment we had near our house last winter, piles of scrap metal.
Finally we reached our truckstop where we were going to sleep. We took the dogs for a quick walk and went in to the restroom then into the bunk for a short night of sleep.
We got up this morning and got moving in a hurry. It is bright and sunny and the temperature is 42 degrees. It looks like it should feel warm. It is warm when the sun is shining in through the windshield onto us.
We got to our pickup location and the men there wanted to stow away and go with us down South. I don't blame them. I honestly don't know why anyone would live here on purpose. But to be fair, I'm sure in the summer month it is probably really nice.
We noticed something wrong with the truck. The box is leaning. Pops said it is an airbag problem. I didn't know about airbags so he told me they cushion the ride and help to keep the box balanced so the load rides smoothly. It had to be fixed asap.
So here we sit in the shop again trying to get it repaired. I sure hope it doesn't cost us a load. But right now they are having some problems locating the part we need. Oh boy.

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