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Friday, December 3, 2010

Not going home

I woke up early this morning, around 3:00 and found out from Pops that we were on a load. We had minutes to get moving and be on the road. Yeah, minutes! Well I needed to go into the restroom, fax a paper to FedEx, mail some bill payments, make some coffee, get dressed and take the dogs out (not necessarily in that order.) How was I going to do that in 5 minutes? So the day started with everyone involved being bright and cheerful........., NOT! Even the dogs got nervous.
We got going around 3:20 which I find pretty impressive actually. I was not feeling good either.
Pops was driving so I sat up and talked to him until my coffee was gone and then I crawled back into the  bunk. When I woke up again we were at our pickup in Ohio. We were picking up glue. But they had 12 containers and we could fit no more than 6. I thought we may cancel but it turns out that the load we were hauling was not the 12 but 5 that were on backorder and should have been there a week ago. They got us loaded and moving. Off to Piedmont, South Carolina with glue that was still warm from being made.
We were given two choices of routing one was Gypsy's way the other was FedEx directions which were closer and we only had 9 hours to get there. So we went with FedEX directions. It didn't take us long to realize we made a wrong choice. It was nothing but small towns with low speed zones and lights (red ones.) We drove through Ashland, KY which is the birth place of someone famous, well maybe not famous, Pops was born there. It seemed like a nice place. I saw the Second Baptist Church and wondered where the First one was.
We grumbled and growled the whole long way. It took us 12 1/2 hours. We hurried the whole way. At one point we stopped to use the restroom at a small place and the mens room was occupied so Pops came in with me that was that.It was in this town at least 100 miles from Ashland, KY that I saw the First Baptist Church. I knew it had to be somewhere. hahaha
But we made it. It was a very easy place to find and easy and fast to offload. So 24 hours later, here we are at another Pilot in South Carolina on layover, waiting for a load. Honestly, I don't care if we don't get a pickup until Monday morning. I just want a shower and I need to do laundry.
And I am glad to be away from snow. Although it still isn't real warm here. It is 52 degrees at 10:15pm. And I also realized on the drive down here that I do prefer to drive the flat highways of the south than the mountains of the northeast. I think I might really be growing a heart for the South. At least for the cold months.
If we are still here tomorrow at noon and not yet under a load, we will look for a church to attend on Sunday. Keep us in your prayers. We love and miss you.

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