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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wills Mountain Church of Christ

It was so good to "visit" our home church this morning. I am so happy to see Wills Mt. going onward and getting strong.
We got there at 8am for the ladies First Place Meeting. It is a great group of well bonded ladies that love the Lord, love the church and sincerely love each other. They are the best of the best. We always have a wonderful review of a study that we work on individually during the week and then we each go home with a new prayer partner for the week. I love this group so much. They are my spiritual family, my support, my encouragement and I hope I am the same to them.
After that we went into Sunday School. Jeff Duncan led our class in a review of the Apostles. The class has been spending the last weeks on in depth studies of the apostles and today was the summary of that.
Then we went into the auditorium for worship. It seemed to me that there were a good many in attendance and I liked seeing that, but most of all, it seemed that everyone was friendly and really enjoying talking and visiting with each other. I loved seeing that, true fellowship.
Bill's mother, Mary came with them again today. She has been coming often with them and that makes me very happy also. I love Mary. She is becoming such a good addition to our family and I feel good knowing that Starla can count on her as a "mommy" when I am not here. I need to feel secure knowing that Starla has someone to turn to when things get rough. Everyone needs as many people loving them and being there for them as possible, this life is hard.
I loved seeing the younger boys praying and serving.
Jeff preached on Wile E. Coyote. How the devil is sly, and cunning (just like Wiley) and how he uses doubt, deceit and distractions to try to keep us from being what God wants to be. It was a good sermon.
After church we had our weekly meal. We always do a pot luck dinner each Sunday for anyone who wants to stay,  And most people do. This gives us more chance to fellowship with one another. All of the food today was good too.
I did some preliminary work for summer Bible School. I liked Jeff's sermon so I asked him if he could come up with two more cartoon "sermons" and then size them down for kids and we would do a cartoon theme.
One of our most faithful, older members was not in service today. She has a very bad heart to the point that the Drs. have told her that they can do no more to help her. So Pops and I and Melvin (one of the other Elders) and his wife, Ginny went to see her and take her communion after church. She didn't look very good and confessed to not feeling good at all. It about broke my heart to see her that way. I love Drenna so very much. She has been a good friend of my husband's family for 40+ years and has a good friend to me since I met Pops 33 years ago. As a matter of fact, when my mom died, Drenna sat by my side and quietly held my hand for many hours. I pray the Lord gives her comfort and strength.
It was very good to visit Wills Mt. Keep growing stronger in the Lord and serve him with all your hearts.


Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

There's no place like home (or your home church)!!

I love everyone at Wills Mt SO much!! Too bad you couldn't have been home for this Saturday's craft day. I'm planning on driving down and would have LOVED to see you and give you a hug!!!

Wanted to let you know that I'm praying for your dad and all of you guys too!

Chad said...

There are so many congregations that DO NOT have the love for one another that Wills Mt has, and I'm proud to say I know you! WE have that baptism thing down. We have that faithfulness thing down. Many struggle to "love the brethren" as they should. (1Jn 3:14-21) Some people desire that love and do not have it! Thanks for that post!

Starla said...

Wills Mt. is a great group of people who love each other and love the Lord. I love everyone there so much and thank them for making my new family feel so welcome there. I look forward to serving the Lord every Sunday with my husband and mother-in-law and every other weekend with my stepkids.

Can't wait for Bible School....sounds like it will be very interesting.

Love ya mom and dad!!