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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our visit to Opendoor Christian Church

We were so excited to realize that we would be able to attend the church of a very good friend of ours. Chad Fatula is the evangelist at the Opendoor Christian Church in Hillsville, VA. We knew yesterday early that we would be able to stop there so Pops called and gave Chad the heads up. He, too, was so excited that he went in to his bedroom and shook his wife, Diane awake and asked her to guess who was coming to visit.
Anyway, we stayed at the Flying J truckstop about 11 miles away and woke up this morning and got our showers and had some coffee. When we arrived at the church, Chad and his two sons, Drew and Chaz were waiting on the front porch of the building. I was so happy to see them and we all greeted each other with hugs.
Chad is a very low key and laid back kind of guy so we had to lead the conversation like we were pulling teeth. Hahahaha, that is so NOT TRUE. He is one of the most outgoing, enthusiastic, energenic people I know. You are lucky to be able to get a word in edgewise. But he is such a blast to be around. At least I think so, but I do kind of feel sorry for Diane, as I am sure that she feels like she has 3 kids with Chad being the ringleader.
We had a good Sunday School lesson on Mark 8:27-32 although we only made it to verse 30. The scripture is about Peter's confession that Jesus is the Christ. But our lesson was more about who people thought that Jesus was and why the other disciples didn't really have an answer at that time. Good lesson.
After the lesson was over they began their worship service. Chad preached a sermon from a series, Myth or Messiah. His scripture was Zechariah 9:9-10, The Coming King. He used these prophesy scriptures to point to the coming Messiah and then gave several New Testament scriptures to show the fulfillment of that prophesy. It was a good service and many of the people there told us how much they really enjoy having Chad as their evagelist. I hope they do realize the treasure that they have.
It is a small church. Only about 30 people but there were only 18 or 19 when Chad first came there. The building itself is beautiful. It has so much carved, old wood and is so pretty inside. I hope we get to visit there again. I was so uplifted and so glad to be in the company of loved ones.
After church, I went out to let the dogs out. The boys came with me and played with the dogs in the grass. The dogs were so happy to be allowed off their leashes and to be able to run and play with kids.
Then we all loaded up into Chad's truck and drove down to North Carolina, not very far away, for dinner at the Golden Corral. We ate until we were stuffed. It was so good. I had the best steak ever. Oh my, it really was good.
Then we drove back to the church and stood and talked for at least another hour or so. It was hard to leave them. I know we will get this way again, we do a lot and it's just a matter of time until we're here again for the weekend. I can't wait.
Take care, Fatula's. Thanks for a good day.

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