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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Sigh,......

Wouldn’t you know it, we were offered another load. Oh, I’m tired, I don’t really want to do it, but Pops said I could have the day off, he would take care of it. It was picking up in Ohio and going to Florence, KY. It wasn’t a real far trip but it was all in one day and we figured with Florence being just slightly south of Cincinnati that we wouldn’t have any trouble getting a load from there.
So I sat back in my jammies and Pops got going. It didn’t take long to get to our pick up but we were about 45 minutes early and the product wasn’t quite ready, so I fixed us some lunch while we waited. And we also got the directory out and started to look for a church to attend in the morning. I was amazed to see that within a 15 miles radius there were about 10 churches to choose from. We made some phone calls and other inquiries to see if anyone we knew might know of any of these churches.
No one could really help us out until we talked to our former minister, Wayne Jocelyn. He had heard of the retired minister that still attended the Erlanger Church of Christ. So we decided to go there and it was the closest to us anyway.
Our pickup was finally ready so Pops secured it and away we went.
We arrived in Florence, Ky right around 8pm. They have a big water tower just as you come into the city. On it is written, “Florence, y’all.” Pops and I have taken an interest in these water towers, we see so many of them. It is fun to see what different places do to make theirs unique.
When we got to our delivery we were told to go to any empty dock, but there weren’t any. Pops went inside to ask and they said that they had no way of moving a trailer out of the dock for us, so they didn’t know what to do. They called the owner of the company and he suggested calling someone in to pull out a trailer. Well, that was going to take 3 hours!!! They scratched their heads a few times and then decided to try to unload us with a forklift. Ok, it worked and we were out of there in less than 1hour and a half. But we had to turn around and go back because we left our power cord for our lift gate there.
After that we parked at a rest area at exit 179. It is the nicest rest area that we have ever stayed at. It is in the middle of a huge field, a good area for dogs.
Sunday Morning we got ready for church and left a little early. No one had called me back about parking so we thought we would go see for ourselves. We did park about 2 blocks away from the church and walked up. We were greeted right away by a man entering the same time we did. He showed us to our Classes. We had ladies class and mens class.
Our lesson was good and everyone joined in on the discussion. It was about the Israelites and how they constantly grumbled and complained even God always met their needs and how our society is never satisfied with what we have either.
The worship started with a praise team leading us in uplifting, praise songs. It was good. The worship leader is a school teacher and his wife played the keyboards. They are new to this church and what an asset.
The sermon was brought by Kent Allender, the minister there. He spoke using scripture from Luke 5:12-32. The Compassion of Jesus. He used 3 illustrations. Jesus touched the untouchable, Luke 5:12-14; Jesus saw the unknown, Luke 5:17-19 and Jesus approached the unlikely, Luke 5:27-32. Pops and I both enjoyed the message and were challenged to be more compassionate with those we meet.
After church we went to the TA truckstop to do laundry and get a bite to eat. Well, we got more than a bite. We went into the Country Pride Restaurant for dinner. I had the chopped steak dinner and Pops got the meatloaf dinner. Both came with soup and salad so until we ate that, we ended up taking our whole dinners back to the truck with us.
We left the truckstop and went back to the rest area that we liked so well. When we got there, I thought that the truck could use a good cleaning, so I staked the dogs out in the grass and Pops laid on the bed. Cleaning our truck only takes a short time. I shook the rugs, brushed the mats, wiped up the floor, dusted the dashboard, and cleaned the counters and glass. Just as I was laying the last rug down, I heard a scraping noise outside and looked up to see that Chucky had pulled out his stake and was dragging it around the parking lot looking for us. I looked to see if Lucy was still okay and she was, she was just sitting there watching Chuck as if to say, “You are gonna be in so much trouble.” Well I just thought it was funny but only because there weren’t many trucks here and no one was moving. So I grabbed them both and brought them back inside.
So clean house, full bellies and the rest of the day to do what I want. I think I’ll be reading my book now. Talk to you later.

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