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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ford vs Chevy

Starla drove Pops over to Grantsville to pick up our truck from the garage. We had to have a lot of work done. When the mechanic done our regular maintainence he found some other problems. For one, our idler pulley bearings went out and caused our fan belt to wear. It was almost completely shredded. If that had happened while on the road, we would have had to have been towed and would have lost probably several days of work. Secondly, our drive shaft bearings in the rear end were in 3 pieces. That is so not good. And the mechanic could shake our drive shaft with his hand. This, too, is a big issue and could have caused us to sit along the road. The mechanic told us, we would have been very lucky to make it another 100 miles in our truck. God is so good, to provide this unexpected time off and giving us time needed to get to the garage.
So all of those problems are fixed and Pops brought the truck home.
As he was getting ready to park it. Some one came down the road and ran him off the road. He hurriedly backed it off the road and ended up getting the truck stuck up to the rear axle. He tried to get it out on his own then came in to get my help. We could not get it. So we hunted through the garage for a tow chain. When Bill got out of the shower, he was wearing shorts but put on his boots and came out to help. He didn't even put a coat on.
We knew that without a chain, it was not going to come out so Starla called the neighbors to try to locate one, Bill took off down to Corriganville to his Grandma's to get a chain. And we waited.
We did get a chain from the neighbor and tried to pull it out. But other than spin tread from Pops tires, we got nowhere. Another neighbor showed up with another chain and soon Bill returned with yet another chain and his brother, Timmy. Well we now had 3 chains and 2 trucks . I climbed into our truck. Pops got in his, Bill got in his, Timmy hooked up the chains and Starlawas on stand by. The two trucks pulled and spun and pulled and spun some more. They began to slide towards each other and I thought that they were going to collide. Finally Bill (in the ford) gave a big jerk with his truck and I felt the big truck give a little. Pops saw that there was a sliver of progress so he gassed his chevy and I felt our truck come out. Yay, I did it! I drove it out of the mud.
Seriously, I'm not sure if it was the sudden jerk of the ford or the added assistance of the chevy or possibly my  expert application of the throttle that got us unstuck. I really think we might never know. But what I do know is: we are all a great team. And it is never a dull moment.

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