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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meeting up

We wanted to try to get home this weekend to get some work done to the truck and also to visit. But those plans didn’t pan out.
Starla told me that her and Bill wouldn’t be home anyway because they had already planned to go to Harrisburg for the Outdoor Show. Well, I didn’t want to go home if they weren’t going to be there at all.
Once we realized that our delivery was for Allentown on Saturday we knew we could deadhead to Harrisburg for our layover. We talked to Starla and planned to meet up with them later in the day. Oh, good, I can’t wait.
We got to Allentown and off loaded the big battery and then drove on over to Harrisburg. We got there around lunchtime. I got busy cleaning the truck and rounding up our laundry. Then we went in to get showers.  After our showers, I worked on typing up the blog. We are parked in the clear back of the parking lot and it is windy so internet service is sketchy. But I knew I needed to type up our stories while somewhat fresh in my mind and then I saved them so that when the internet was good I could just copy and paste it to the blog.
Starla called us shortly after we got to the truck from our showers and said that they were done at the Outdoor Show and were on their way to the truckstop. They found us right away and visited with us in the truck for about an hour. I sorted through the ton of mail that she brought me and then we loaded into her car to go eat.
We didn’t know where we wanted to go, and we weren’t sure what all was available so we just drove around looking until we decided on Ruby Tuesdays. It is a good choice because you can get just about anything there. We all did thoroughly enjoy our meals. Ummm Ummmm.
Once they dropped us back at the truck they decided to get going since it is a 3 hour drive back home. It was so good to see them, good medicine for the homesick. I wish I could see the boys too. And everyone else too. I miss everyone so much.
Anytime any of you want to visit us, let us know, I’ll tell you where we are going to be and you can show up, hahaha. I do like visitors.

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