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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A really nice gift, Thank You.

This morning when we got to our pew at our home church, there was a package laying there with a picture of a FedEx Custom Critical truck on it, not our truck, but very similar. When I lifted up the picture the song lyrics to the song, "On the Road Again." were printed there.
Inside the package was a wonderful cookbook of slow cooker recipes by the Taste of Home people. It is a beautiful book with fabulous pictures. I love it. But whoever left it for us did not include there name/s.
I am not sure who has done this, but I am very grateful. Someone, jokingly, said that maybe they think I need help with my cooking and maybe I do, but I am looking at it as a wonderful gift because I do cook a lot with the slow cooker and we tend to eat a lot of the same things. Now I can try various recipes.
I am very happy with the gift. It was very thoughtful of you.

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Starla said...

I have an idea of who got this for you.....but I don't know for sure!! Try the recipes and share them with me if you think it is something that I will like!!