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Friday, February 25, 2011

Short Week

We accepted another load picking up close by and going back to Michigan. We knew that we would be going back into the snow and cold, but it was good miles and good pay. So we did our paperwork and got moving.
We had traveled about 30 miles when we got a message from our company, our load had cancelled. Oh well, so much for that. Now what? Well, we had just been going through Fredricksburg, VA so we pulled into a plaza and got our Walmart map out. We looked up and located one nearby. So that is where we headed.
We needed several items so I made my list and headed inside. Pops decided that he would wait with the dogs in the truck since it was the time of day for many load opportunities to start coming in.
I took my time and shopped for the groceries that we would need for the rest of the week. I also purchased a new electric skillet. The small one I had been using was allowing food to stick all the time and this was upsetting especially when trying to make pancakes or eggs. So I bought a new one.
I was just getting everything unloaded and put away when Pops said that if we did not receive a good load within the next hour that we would go home and get our truck repairs done. I suggested we just start for home and see what was offered as we traveled. So that is what we did.
We did get a few tempting offers, including my favorite: Baton Rouge. But we have learned that going there is not a good financial move for us. Even though it pays well to go there, you seldom get anything to bring back out so you must deadhead for many miles to get a load.
The closer we got toward home, the more our company tried to get us loads. So we contacted them by phone and our C-link computer to notify them that our truck was going out of service.
Now my minds gears were turning rapidly trying to think of everything I needed to take home with me, mentally make notes of what I needed to bring back with me and all of the things that I needed to do while at home. My brain was busy.
We drove directly to the garage where we get our truck work done and Starla picked us up there. It sure was good to see her. The dogs were happy too.
It is always so good to come home. My bed felt like it was an acre in size. I am so relaxed this time. We made our list of what I needed from the store. I wanted to cook up a storm. I love to cook. And we all love to eat. Of course a batch of fudge is on that list. We also settled on apple pie and cherry pie, steaks on the grill, pork chops and individual pizzas. Who knows what else.
We went to visit my dad on Thursday. It was so good to see him and it makes me happy that he is liking it there now. My sister, Amy, had just brought him back after a two day visit to her home and he seemed glad to be back to "his home." It is a huge comfort to know that he is being cared for so well and that he no longer has to be alone.
We are getting together with Tom and Drew, and Bill and Starla for breakfast on Saturday morning. I can't wait to see my boys. I really do miss my family when we are out on the road.
It is so good to be home. It is so good to be home.

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Jeff's Journal said...

Your new picture looks more like Bonnie and Clyde than Rhonda and Bill...LOL