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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We had a visitor today. Ralph, our good friend from back home, stopped by the truckstop where we were staying. He also drives truck and is away from his home and family for several weeks at a time. He is an Elder at our home church.
We had hoped to meet up with him yesterday but it didn’t work out.
I texted with him before going to church and he wasn’t going to make it to Houston by church time so when Pops and I came out of church I texted Ralph again. He said that he was in Houston at the TA.
We pulled in and no one (unbelievably) had taken the spot where we were parked before. This is our favorite spot at that truckstop for many reasons. So we backed in and I texted Ralph asking where he was parked. There is parking for 300 trucks there. He said he was near the entrance about 5 spots down. Well that was only 4 spots from us. We told him where we were and he walked up.
We had a really nice visit with Ralph. I love seeing people from back home. And I am sure that he does too. As you can see, Lucy really enjoyed his visit.hahahha
We chatted and got caught up on a lot of stuff and Pops gave him communion before he left. He was delivering a load to New Orleans, while we just got offered a “relocation load” to Gary, IN. A relocation load is when our company anticipates that freight will be greater in one area so they bring trucks in to that area. And they pay you a small bit to go.
Gary, IN is over 1000 miles away from where we are, so I couldn’t believe that they would pay us to go there, Until we looked at the weather, Uh huh, snow storms. Oh well, life can’t always be 77 degrees and tank tops.

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Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

What a fun little bonus out on the road! Glad you got to meet up and enjoy some time with Ralph.