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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Pops began the drive out of Florida. I stayed awake for a little while and listened to the radio with him. And then I went to bed.
When I woke up we were still in Florida but about to cross into Georgia. We stopped at the rest area and I made some coffee and took the dogs for a walk. We were getting in lots of walks but I know that sometimes we are so rushed they get out much and also winter is coming and they won't want out too much. It wasn't raining now and it was sunny. It is hard to believe that a big storm is coming. They named the hurricane now, Sandy.
After we left the rest area, Pops drove us to a Walmart so I could get some things. It really seems like I shop a lot but we don't have a lot of storage so I do shop more than if I could store better. We do always eat well though. I always have at least one good homemade soup in the refrigerator and we usually always have a pretty decent breakfast. And we have to have fresh bananas for Pops and apples for me. And of course dog food and gallons and gallons of water for cooking and coffee.
After I got our stuff put away and took the dogs out again, we got moving. This time I was driving and Pops looked at his facebook for awhile then he went to bed.
I listened to a book on CD as I drove the trip today. I was bored with storm coverage and election coverage so the story on CD was a nice change. It consisted of 5 CDS and all total would take a little over 6 hours to hear.
I was driving through Georgia and then into South Carolina, then North Carolina and into Virginia. I try to drive most of my driving without too many breaks so that if we have any built in time in our trips Pops can stop during the night to rest if he needs to. He usually drives longer hours than I do so sometimes he does need to stop if we have time. I only took 2 real short breaks while driving today. The book was a good one and helped make the day faster. I did stop it a couple of times to listen to where the storm was now and find out how bad it was. It was in Ft. Lauderdale, just north of Miami and causing some flooding and beach erosion to the areas we had just visited. Oh boy!
By the time I stopped at Wytheville, VA to get fuel I still had part of the last CD to listen to, but Pops began his driving so the story would have to wait.
We finished up the vegetable soup(Pops) and the beef barley soup(me.) I took the dogs out. Pops fueled the truck and then we were on our way again.
I stayed awake for a while. I talked to Bill and Starla on the phone and then once we were across the horrible bridge at Beckley, WV. I laid down to go to sleep.
Then next thing I remember was Pops calling my name. He said we were only 14 miles from theCanadian  border. So I got up and got dressed. Then I got into the front seat and got our paperwork and passports ready for the customs officer. We got through without any trouble at all.
Then I went back to sleep. I woke up again as we were at our delivery. We were inside of a building backed into a dock. I could feel the truck shaking and a lot of noise. It didn't take long to get the load off. It was only 3 pallets of mail that we brought up from Florida.
So then Pops and I planned what we were going to do now. We were going to deadhead back out of Canada to Buffalo, NY. We usually do pretty well from that location, although it is Saturday.
It was raining hard here and it was cold too. The dogs didn't even want to get out of the truck this time. But they did and then right back inside.
I was driving and it was miserable to drive the 100 miles back to the US in this rain. But traffic wasn't too bad and I liked this drive along Lake Ontario anyway. The lake looked really cold and choppy.
It took almost 2 hours to get to the border and we pulled off in the parking lot of the exchange building just before the bridge. I took the dogs out and while I had them out we got a load offer. It was picking up in Buffalo right away and going to Green Bay, WI by 6am tomorrow morning. We accepted and got the load.
We drove to our pickup. It was a place we had been before. It is a publishing place so we thought we would probably be hauling books or printed paper, but we were actually hauling ink. Three big totes of ink.
They were glad that we were available to do this today. And even more excited to hear that we would have the product to our destination by tomorrow morning.
So Pops tried to sleep while I drove us the rest of the way across NY, through PA and Ohio. It did continue to rain all day. As I was driving through Cleveland I saw that Lake Erie, too was real choppy and at one place the waves were actually throwing water up onto Interstate 90.
I finished listening to my book on CD and then listened to the radio. We have several channels that we like and have them set so we can go back and forth through them easily.
I drove until we reached a truckstop near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We stopped for fuel and I decided rather than cook, I would go inside and get us food from Wendy's. I got us each a burger called, Son of Baconator and some chili cheese fries. It was fabulous. Of course, as someone from facebook told me, bacon makes everything better. I agree.
Not long after that I went to bed. And Pops drove us the rest of the way to Green Bay.
I woke up as we were at our delivery. It was 3:45am. Ugh! I'm glad he made it early but I did not want to be up yet. When he got back into the truck and we pulled away, I stayed awake and talked for a little while then I went back to sleep.
In a little while I remember hearing him say, I'm going to sleep for an hour. I think he got into bed, but I don't remember. The next thing I remember we were rolling down the highway and we were almost to Milwaukee.
I got up and sat and talked to him until we reached the truckstop at Racine. This is where we will spend our layover. We need to get an oil change for our truck. And I need to do some laundry. We will have to have our own church too.
Another good week. I really like this job. I am so fortunate to get to do what I like doing with the person I would most want to do it with.
Pray for us. And pray for all those in the pathway of Hurricane Sandy. They are now calling her, the Frankenstorm, the perfect storm, the storm of decades. Oh boy! God have mercy.

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