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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two loads

Sunday as we were leaving the restaurant I found a penny. Now I know that when I find a penny, it is God's way of letting us know that we will get loads and be provided for. Anyway, we did get a load almost right away it was picking up in Mason, MI and was going to Chattanooga, TN. So we got a good night's rest and then drove up there early the next morning.
We were picking up auto parts. It was going to the Volkswagen plant. We had to wait our turn to get loaded so it took a little while. But once they started it only took a few minutes. Then we were on our way to Chattanooga.
It took us all day to drive there and we got there around 10 at night. The plant is huge. We were told by the guard to go to a certain place but once inside the gate someone else told us to go to another area. But once we backed in they told us to go somewhere else. Well, the next place happened to be the place where the new cars were being test driven. That was fun to watch. They took them two at a time and ripped them around all over the place, swerving and driving fast. Haha.
We eventually was directed to the right place and got unloaded. Then we found a truckstop near Chattanooga to spend the night.
The next morning I got up and got all of our laundry done right away. We were just about out of clean clothes. So it was good to have a place to get it done. The last two Pilots that we were at didn't offer laundry services.
We got a military load that was picking up in Alabama and going to Arkansas. We accepted it and headed in that direction.
We have been here several times before and we know there is no hurrying at this place. They take their good sweet time getting you loaded and then getting all the paperwork done. But we remembered that so it didn't grate on our nerves too bad. They are just being very diligent about their jobs, I guess. And there is always a military policeman that stands there and watches until you are loaded and the truck is sealed shut.
We got back through the gate and was on our way. It really wasn't a long trip, and we knew we would get there around midnight. But we were scheduled to unload until 7 the next day. But because of the type of load we had to get there and get into a safe haven. That is a secure hold on the military base.
When we got there it was late and all the people at the gate seemed very very young and they hadn't been told that we would be arriving, so they weren't quite sure what to do with us or where to tell us to go. They could see by our paperwork that we absolutely needed to be left onto the base, so after awhile we were left inside and directed to a narrow roadway between trees and told to park there until in the morning. Pops said, "park where?" They said, "right here." Pops questioned, "just here in the middle of the road?" "Yep. But you'll have to move before 6:30 in the morning when the traffic starts to use the road." Well, ok. so we "parked" and slept in the middle of the road.
The next morning we moved to a building that our GPS took us to and sure enough it was the right one. Way to go, Gypsy. So they unloaded to the 2 big crates and that was that.
Now we found a truckstop near Little Rock and parked while we waited for another load.

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