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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Church Service

In my last post I forgot to mention that Pops and I did indeed have a worship service on the Lord's Day. It was later in the evening but we did have our own service.
We took a few moments and quietly prepared our hearts and minds for worship. Then we had our communion and tried to decide on which sermon we would listen to. We decided to leave it up to God and randomly reached into our pile of sermon CDs and pulled one out.
It was the Watchdog sermons from Delmarva from this past year. There are 8 or so men who each speak what is on their heart for a 3 minute sermon. At first I thought that this was not what we needed to listen to as our sermon but it turned out well.
Each of these men done a good job bringing their message and although the subjects were unrelated and varied, we did get lifted up and blessed by listening. We did not personally know all of the men who spoke, but we knew most and some of them are very good friends. It was quite interesting and I am thankful that God can bless us in this way when church service is not available to us. I am very grateful for the sermon CDs.

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