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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hudson Lake Church of Christ

We woke up a little before 6am this morning and I could hear some activity outside. Pops got up and got dressed. I did too. I also made some coffee and took the dogs out. We saw a woman on a forklift making trips back and forth to the dumpster with cardboard garbage. She told us that we would be unloaded at 7. But it was ok to back into the dock.
So we drank our coffee and finished getting dressed.
At 7 o'clock we got unloaded which only took a few minutes because we only had one big piece on the truck.
Our GPS told us that it was 135 miles to South Bend. So we started out right away. I was driving. When we got near, we put the address to the church into our GPS and stopped once more for a restroom and to take the dogs out again.
We got to the church about 10 minutes before 10 eastern time. We were told by Terry that Sunday School began at 10:00.
Terry came out to meet us and told us where to park. Once we were parked we went inside and was greeted warmly by a woman that I realized at once was Terry's wife, Judy. It was so good to finally get to meet them. As I said we have known them as friends for a long time and talk to them often through facebook, but have never met them face to face. Oh this was such a good day.
Sunday school was about to start so we took a seat at the table. They began by taking prayer requests and then having prayer.
After that a man named, Hollis led the class in discussion. The scripture came from the book of Acts and it was about the stoning of Stephen. We talked about Stephen calling the Pharisees "a stiff-necked bunch" and how his words enraged them to the point that they stoned Stephen to death.
Our discussion centered around ways in which our words, which are meant to bring others to salvation could sometimes miss the mark and actually upset people and turn them away.
It was a really good discussion. I enjoyed the class alot.
After Sunday School we found a pew that was in the general area of where we sit at our home church, Judy sat with us.
The service started with singing of songs and prayer and then a young man named , David, came up to do the communion meditation. David is a brand new father. His baby, Ali, was born prematurely and it was a rough time for them although the whole family was in church today including Ali.
Anyway he spoke about how never realized until he held his daughter for the first time how much a parent could love and also how quickly that love could happen and grow. He related this to how much God loved His Son using John 3:16 & 17. He talked about how God gave up His best loved Child to save all of His children. As he spoke he got choked up and teary eyed. It was a really touching and loving meditation.
After communtion Terry preached a sermon using scripture from Revelation concerning a letter written to the church of Sardis. God told this church that even though it appeared that by their deeds they were alive they really were a dead church. Wow, can you imagine God telling your church that? God continued to tell the church at Sardis that they better cultivate the little bit that is not yet dead and do something to prevent their certain death. It really made me wonder about all the things we do in our church that we consider important. Is it important to God? Who is really benefitting from the things we do as a church or a church member? What a really thought provoking sermon. I know I will be thinking about it this week.
I want God to pronounce me worthy when I get to Heaven. I don't want to be busy about "stuff" that is not leading others to God or bringing myself closer to Him.
I do not ever want to be so busy about church stuff that I forget about God's stuff. I never want God to tell me that I appear alive, but I am really dead. Oh my!
That was a good sermon. Good stuff for sure!
After services we got to talk to some of the members and get to know them a little better. We a great group.
Then Terry and Judy invited Pops and I to eat lunch with them. We drove into town and ate at a small diner. It was such a good time of fellowship.
I just absolutely loved meeting Judy. And Terry is just as upbeat and encouraging in person as he is on Facebook.
After we ate, we left immediately. Terry and Judy were beginning their vacation right now and they were anxious to get on the road. They were traveling to Kentucky. I wish them safe travels.
And Lord willing, we will get to worship with them again sometime at Hudson Lake Church of Christ and if not, we will worship with them again in Heaven. I look forward to that day.

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