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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing Catchup

I sure do hate it when I get so far behind on the blog that I don't really know how to catch up. But that is where I am right now.
My Mifi isn't working the way it used to and we are having trouble getting connected to the internet sometimes. So then I can't blog when I have time. We went into an A T & T store to see about getting a new one but the contract on mine is not up until May at which time I will be able to get a new one for around $50. I could get one now without waiting but the cost is $269. I think thaat we will make do for now. As long as phone service in the area is good and strong and we are sitting still, not moving we can get on the internet, but not while moving.
Oh well, wah, wah, wah.
We ended up getting a transfer load that was picking up in Harrisburg and going into Canada. Now normally I don't mind Canadian loads but we did a transfer load once where the other drivers had the paperwork so boggled that we ended up spending some unnecessary extra time at the border crossing. But this time it all seemed in order. We did have another problem however.
When the other truck opened their doors to do the transfer we all noticed that 2 of the drums had slid off the pallet. The shipping company had 4 drums of liquid on each pallet and all of those had shrink wrap around them. but they weren't secured to the pallet. So somehow during transport the load shifted and two of the drums slid off. So they had a horrible time trying to get them back on the pallet. But eventually they did.
Once the load was onto our truck, Pops worked hard making sure that it was not going to move in any direction. That is one thing I can brag about. He does a great job of always securing our load. I think we could roll this truck and our load would still be ok. But we won't test that theory.
So we were heading to Quebec where everyone speaks french and all the roadsigns and store signs and everything is in french. It is always an adventure.
We were crossing the border at 1000 Islands.This is honestly one of the prettiest places I know of. I sure would like to come here for a visit sometime. We did pick up a brochure for an Island cruise. We didn't have any trouble at the crossing but it sure seemed really busy.
We were going to the L'oreal Plant where make-up is manufactured. We were early so we had to wait.
It is really hard to pass time when you can't talk on the phone or check facebook or be on the internet. Oh well, I have a new game downloaded that teaches me Spanish. I don't need to be on the internet for that so I practiced my spanish all the while wondering why I wans't learning french instead.
Then it was our turn and we did get unloaded and now we had a 2 1/2 hour drive back toward Syracuse, NY where we agreed to go for our layover. So while Pops tried to catch a nap I drove. We were only about 46 miles from the border when Fedex sent us a load offer to our computer. It was picking up in Vermont and going to Iowa. We would need to stop, change direction and backtrack some if we got the load. So I accepted it and before long the dispatch came through. So now I looked for an exit to get turned around in the opposite direction. We also wouldn't be crossing in at the same place either.
But we got it all sorted out and found a nice place to sleep. We weren't due to pick up until in the morning.
The trip across Ontario, Quebec, upstate New York and down through Vermont was just an amazing ride. The Fall Foliage is at it's peak and I was loving this. Fall is my absolute, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite time of year. I love the fall colors. I love the smells. I love the weather even the sometimes drizzle doesn't upset me. I don't mind a little nip in the air.
Anyway the next morning we got to our destination and while loading our truck, our dock plate broke loose. This is a wide piece of metal that goes the whole way across the very back of our truck. We were hauling 2 pieces of equipment and only one had been loaded. The other piece was the heaviest of the two at over 4000 pounds. Well Pops ended up moving this piece into place with just a pallet jack. But we (that's a he,we) did get it loaded and we were able to take off for Iowa.
I was listening to a comedian on the radio and he told a story of he,we; she,we; and we,we. He said that his wife said, "We need to go get some new clothes for Fall." He knew that was a she,we because he didn't need any new clothes. Later she said, "We need to mow the grass." He knew thaat was a he,we because she never mowed the grass. And once again, later she said, "We need to go to the store before supper." He knew that was a we,we because she would make him go with her. Well Pops and I have those kinds of wes too. haha
It was a nice drive to Iowa, like I said a lot of the first part was coming the whole way south through Vermont and then from east to west through upper New York. I was driving this part and I just got lost in the beauty of the scenery. I drove to somewhere around Erie/Cleveland and then Pops took over.
We got to our delivery the next day and the place where we delivered had a dock plate that came out and covered our broken one so getting the product off wasn't too difficult. Then we went from there to a truckstop. I had gotten us messed up in choosing a church. I made an honest mistake and found a church but it was in Kansas not Iowa. So it was too late to find another one. So we had to have our own worship. I was so mad at myself, but Pops wasn't mad at me because he knew it was an honest mistake.
We had an appointment the next day to get our truck repaired. It took all day to get that done. But it was fixed really good and will not give us anymore problems. We did however, miss out on 3 really good loads. Oh well. Another one will come.

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