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Saturday, November 3, 2012

oh Romeoville

On Monday morning many loads started being offered to us. We saw that most of them had a pickup location of Romeoville, IL. Well, it being Monday we knew what Romeoville had to offer...LG appliances. Every Monday many loads of appliances leave this location and go all over. It is a pretty easy but time consuming procedure and the pay isn't ever very good. However every once in a while they will pay more on one of these loads depending on who knows what.
We were fortunate enough to get a who knows what load from Romeoville today. It was going to Nebraska, Omaha to be precise.
So we drove south to Romeoville and waited our turn to be loaded. There were already about 14 trucks in the dock and it was 4pm so I know that most of the loads were already out of there.
LG has several locations that we have shipped appliances from. Some of those locations are in Texas, Alabama, New Jersey, and Georgia. It is always the same procedure no matter the location. Hurry to get there for your appointment(which means nothing), wait in line, back into dock, sit in waiting room while truck is loaded, wait for guard to seal your truck, go. It usually takes hours. And like I said normally the pay stinks. I don't know why anyone would do these loads for the normally low pay, but as I mentioned before we got a higher paying one. I think because it was going to Nebraska and no one likes to go there because you may sit there 2-3 days to get a load back out.
We got loaded, sealed and away we went. I was driving first and I drove us into Iowa to the Iowa80 truckstop. Then we switched over and Pops drove. I looked at facebook, done the dishes and then went to bed.
Pops did get some rest because we had an appointment to deliver at 2pm. I was driving again the next day and we got there a little around noon. They were waiting for our load and took it off right away. I don't understand appointments. Some times we don't have them and really need one and other times we have them and can show up whenever to be loaded or unloaded. Military appointments seldom mean anything. Strange.
So after that we drove to a truckstop that was past Omaha headed toward Lincoln. And we found a good spot since it was the middle of the day. We parked and got settled in and figured that we might be here awhile, at least until tomorrow.
I went inside to buy some postcards. Since my dad passed away I have decided to continue with the sending of the postcard tradition to my brother, Jim; my sister, Amy; and my grand-son, Zachary. So I try to pick up 3 postcards at each state that we go to. I have not yet completed my dad's set which now belongs to my daughter, Starla. Pops and I haven't made it to Montana yet. And I missed getting Rhode Island and North Carolina. Although North Carolina is proofing to be quite tough. We have stopped at many locations there and can't seem to find postcards. So when I do find them in that state, I need to get 5 for Jim, Amy, Zachary, Starla and my own book.
Our book has many that the others don't have because I have some from each of the Great Lakes and several cities and various locations that we have visited along our travels. It is always so nice to get them out and page through and "remember."
We have been following the news closely trying to hear what is going on with the big storm that is hitting the east coast, particularly New Jersey and New York. It is really sounding bad. I'm glad that we can't see pictures or videos.
We didn't wait long until we got a load offer. It was picking up in Kansas and going to Massachusetts. We did check the weather and the route for our destination and decided it would be okay to go there so we accepted the load. And once again we were on our way. We didn't even have to sit for 3 hours.
I would drive us to our pickup because it was about 5 hours away and Pops had only gotten a little sleep. So he layed down and I drove.

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