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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going Home

The next morning we did go inside and get a shower, but they did not have laundry services available there. Oh well, I guess we'll have to go buy something to wear real soon.
Around noon we got a load offer and accepted it. It was picking up in Olean, NY and was going to Baltimore, MD.
Since it was Friday and the load delivered on Saturday we asked if we could be relocated afterward to the Pittsburgh area and our company agreed to do that for us. We figured that if we were going to Pittsburgh we could stop off at home, visit for the evening, go to church in the morning and then head to Pittsburgh.
Our pickup place was another place that we had been to before. So once again it was a familiar deal with getting inside the gate and to the docks.
It was late in the evening and we got loaded really quickly mostly because it was only one piece that we were hauling.
Pops drove through the night although he did get a wee little bit of sleep.
He drove us to our delivery site in Baltimore. It was right on the loading docks of the harbor. There didn't seem to be anyone there and then we saw a man. He was looking and waiting for us. So he and Pops got the load off and we headed toward home.
We were about 2 1/2 hours away but it always seems so long.
It was so good to see the familiar mountains, especially now that the leaves are beginning to turn colors.
When we backed into our parking spot at the house we were greeted by a welcome sight. Hunter was here for the weekend and he and Boots, the dog, came out to greet us. We carried in all of our laundry, which I got started as soon as I hugged Starla and Bill. Then I began the process of sorting through all our mail.
Starla had a roast going in the crockpot with carrots and some other vegetables and it sure did smell good.
We spent the evening visiting and relaxing. Pops took a real short nap and Bill and Hunter went bowhunting for a little while.
It was so good to be home.
I miss my kids a lot while on the road. I give myself comfort by telling myself that they are busy with  their own lives, but I know that Starla has so many struggles, I wish I could take more of a part with her other than listening and supporting by long distance. I am glad that Bill is such a good husband to her. He is such a blessing. I am so thankful for him.
We had a good evening. We later got and accepted a load offer for Monday. It was a military load and very high security.
The next morning Pops and I got up early and went to the First Place Meeting for the ladies at Wills Mt. Church of Christ. It was wonderful getting to be part of the group. I really miss these women. Our lesson was about God being our King. Ginny Logsdon taught the lesson and she does a really good job.
After that was our Sunday school taught by Melvin Logsdon, Ginny's husband. He gave a good lesson entitled, "Is your heart as clean as your clothes?" I have heard Melvin teach many, many times and I think this was perhaps the best lesson that I've ever heard him teach.
After that we were truly blessed by a sermon by Charlie Gibbons. I love hearing Charlie preach. I really think that he might have missed a calling. He gave a good sermon entitled, "In the service of the King."
Wow, what a great fellowship with Wills Mt.
Of course we had a weekly fellowship dinner after services.
I did not get to see 2 very close friends this time though. My friend, Jeff has health issues that prevented him from being here today. And my friend, Lettie, is still in recovery from a recent surgery. I sure missed seeing both of them.
Since Pops and I accepted the military load we were afforded the opportunity to attend a revival service with our sister congregation at Meyersdale. The speaker was Denny Coburn. I love hearing Denny speak. He knows how to get a point across as simply as possible and with a good dose of humor too.
There were several neighboring congregations there too. So it was nice to see so many good friends and loved ones.
When we got home from church I pulled my car into the garage and  Pops and I got ready to go. We wanted to get close to Chambersburg and get some rest before the trip in the morning.
So we hugged Starla and Bill and said our goodbyes and away we went.

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