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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Riverside Christian Church

Bill and I were so excited as we got ready for church this morning. I think I was a little moreso than him. I was so happy to be able to attend Riverside Chistian Church in Merrimack, NH.
We had attended here a little over a year ago but we made some friends that had kept in contact with us ever since then.
As we drove over and parked where we did before the excitement in me just kept growing and growing.
We went inside and was directed to the adult class. Some things had changed since we were here before and the location of the class was one of those things.
There was more than one to choose from but we chose the one being taught by a man named Steve Tiller. He was teaching a series on some of the very shortest books of the Bible. Today's lesson came from the book of Haggai.
One of the main themes from the book was, "Consider your ways." God's people had lost sight of what should have been their main focus in life and instead was placing too much importance of the appearance of their homes and their finances. The Lord sent the Prophet Haggai to redirect them back to God, by building a dwelling place for God on earth.
It was a very good lesson and one that we all should consider about our own priorities. I know that sometimes my possessions seem too important to me.
After Sunday School we went downstairs to the lobby. It was there that Pops got into conversations with some of his Facebook friends from this congregation. And this is also where I found Jacqui. Jacqui is the one person that I was really hoping to see. Her friendship and genuine hospitality toward us has really meant alot to me and she recently has had to battle some major health issues. I am really inspired by her faith and determination.
It was so good to see her looking healthy and well. When the service began she came to sit with us.
RCC has in my opinion the best worship and praise band of anywhere that we've attended. They do such a good job and the songs they choose always go hand in hand with the message. I love when the music and words are so very moving.
The evangelist here is Ray Pouliot.  He gave a message entitled, "An Obedient Relationship." His main scripture came from Psalm 119:1-9.
It was very good to be reminded that for me to have a right relationship with God I must respectfully and reverantly fear Him and that fear should bring me to obedience. And then the obedience will move me toward the Love I need to have that right relationship.
Ray preaches a good sermon. And it is good to find out that his sermons can be found on their churches website. So we now have another option if it comes to where we do not have a church to attend. We can now hear pull up a sermon by Ray at
Of course there was communion and an invitation also.
After the services RCC has a "cafe" next door in the fellowship hall and Jacqui wanted us to come over. They have coffee, tea, and other beverages. They also have fresh fruit and many home baked muffins and breads and cookies.
The fellowship was good and we got to meet some more people that we didn't last time.
Pops talked a good bit with Tony while I chatted with the ladies.
I also want to mention Russ who came over to us and shared his story of how he came to know and serve The Lord so many years ago. That is amazing. I wonder why more people don't share their stories like that?
We had a great time and got to worship The Lord at the same time. That is why we were there in the first place as always when it is time to say goodbye I get sad because I don't know if or when I might see them again.
I am so grateful to God for enlarging my forever family. God knows how important that constant strengthening and encouragement is to me. It is so good to have so many friends all over the United States that do that for me. I hope I bring something to them as well.

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