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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Military loads

We got to our pickup at the military base at Chambersburg, PA. Like I mentioned before we knew what we were picking up here but we are not allowed to talk it. But I can tell you that it was very emotionally troubling. I just wasn't sure how I was supposed to go about this load.
Pops and I went to the main gate and then through the registration process. Then we were directed to the docks where we were picking up.
I went inside with Pops after we backed up to the docks. I went inside totally out of curiosity, but on the pretense of doing the paperwork. We had 8 pieces. They were fairly large wooden crates. Two men were helping to load the truck. They were surprised that we were aware of what we were hauling. Anyway, we got loaded and made our departure call to our company. The lady of the other end of the call was also surprised at seeing what we were hauling. I am sorry to be so mysterious, but I really am not supposed to discuss this.
So now we were going to a location in New England. I noticed that it was not a military base and that seemed odd to me. So I googled the name of the company. It turns out that it is very strongly related to the defense department of the military. Okay, now pieces of the puzzle were coming together.
Sure enough all of our thoughts and wonderings were verified when we reached the destination. I could not make myself go inside here. But Pops did and he was given very detailed descriptions of what they do here. All I can say is that I am so glad that there are people who do this type of thing. Really there is a job for just about anyone. It sure sounded like a job that would not be tedious or boring. And it is a service that definitely has to be done by someone.
Then we had another pickup at a nearby place and going right back down to the base at Chambersburg. This seemed like a "normal" military load. The man loading our truck was from the Bronx, NY and he had a very strong New York accent. He was giving us all of his opinions on everything from politics to terrorism to geography. He was very opinionated and didn't mind sharing them loudly with anyone who would listen. But because of his animation and his strong accent, it was quite comical. He was really nice.
We got moving as soon as the dogs touched ground and squatted to pee. We had to be back to Chambersburg by 6am. We had no time to waste.
We got to the base in time to check in and get through registration. This time we were going to a different place to unload. We had to drive through the base to other side and passed by a lot of wooded areas and we saw a lot of deer which excited Pops. Then we passed by a barn with a lot of cages. It was still a little dark so we couldn't see what it was for sure. When we reached our destination the man that helped Pops unload the truck told us that it was a big pheasant farm.
They got us unloaded and as we passed the barn this time it was daylight and we could see all the pheasants. This base gives out so many hunting permits each year and lets people hunt the deer and pheasants.
We drove to a nearby truckstop for fuel and immediately was hit with another load. It was a Secure 1 load, which is also a military but you are not allowed to stop in route or talk a single word about the load. This was a roundtrip so we made our pickup drove hard and fast without stopping unloaded, reloaded and drove back. Okay, so much for that. Hmmmm.
Well, it is only Tuesday and we have made 2 fairly long roundtrips one of which was an emotional struggle and the other left us feeling disconnected from everything and exhausted.
I was tired. Pops was tired. I was really hoping that we would not get hit up with a load right away. I needed to get out of the truck and move around. The dogs surely needed to get out and move around. I felt bad for them. We have a toilet in the truck but the dogs had to hold it for a long time yesterday and the day before we were so hurried that they just had to drop and squat and get right back in the truck.
Well, God is gracious. We had a long relaxing day off near Alexandria, VA. We are at a rest area and when we got here it was early so we got choice parking. I took the dogs out and walked several times. I got the dishes done and the truck cleaned. I did not cook and I wish that I would have, but oh well. Pops got some good sleep and I got caught up on our blogs.
I did find a penny here awhile ago. To me, that is a message from God that He is looking out for us and will provide just the right load for us. But in the meantime we are going to take off before sunrise and head to the closest truckstop with a shop. We need a couple of minor things done.
Please, pray for my friend, Jeff. I just got word that he was taken to the hospital. I have no other details.

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