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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It always seems like such a long drive home once we know we are headed that way.
We got empty and went out of service right away. We didn't want our company looking for other loads for us.
I was driving and we had good roads the whole way. I had to stop for coffe about halfway and I took the dogs out and stretched my legs for a bit.
As I was getting off the turnpike at Breezewood I noticed that there were several DOT inspectors standing there with a couple of trucks pulled over to the side of the road. When I saw one of them walk out toward the highway I knew they were going to pull me over too. And they did. It was just a routine random inspection. They checked my lisence, my cards, my paperwork and my logs. Then I was free to go.
Now the long part of the drive. It was all just two-lane roads now. But it was a beautiful, sunny day nd the trip was nice especially once I turned onto Glen Savage Road and we were really on the country roads. It seems like once we reach this point the dogs know where e re and where we are going. They begin to get excited nd stand at the window watching. I don't know if they recognize certain country smells, or if the winding, slow roads alert them or if maybe they just sense my excitement, but they know.
It was later in the afternoon by the time we got to the house. Starla wasn't home and Bill P. was t work. So Pops nd I gathered up what we knew we would be taking into the house and went inside.
The dogs ran around the yard with Boots, Starla's dog. I got some laundry started and Pops brought some more stuff into the house.
I was dreading the moving all our stuff from one truck to another. It is unbelievable how much stuff we have. But that worry didn't have to be thought of this day so I put it out of my mind.
It wasn't long before Starla returned home. And once we kind of got settled in, I asked her if she wanted to ride along with me to take care of some business that needed attended to. So we left Pops t home with the dogs and took off.
Later that evening when we got home we fixed some supper and Bill P got home from work and we relaxed, watched some tv, and just enjoyed being at home. Of all the places we get to see and go to, there really is no place like home.

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