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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Going Home

We did sit at the truckstop in Racine, WI all day Sunday and because Monday was Labor Day we were there all that day too. We did get and accept a load offer that was picking up on Tuesday though.
It was a high security load that was picking up in Chicago and going to an Air Force Base in New Jersey. So we were settled in with the knowledge that we did have a trip that would get us home on Wednesday sometime. That made us both feel better knowing that we would be able to attend the Family Seminar that Wills Mountain was having on the weekend with Kendall Faull.
We watched a few movies and I read a lot and we basically just relaxed and hung out. Of course all of the ususal stuff like laundry and showers too.
Our Tuesday load was not picking up until 2pm but since it was Chicago we wanted to go in early, taking a chance that it would be ready and we could get loaded and get out of Chicago before afternoon traffic got too heavy. So we left in the morning and it was only about 57 miles to our pickup so we got there right around noon. Our load was ready and it was only one pallet of items so it was quickly loaded and secured and once the paperwork was completed we were out of there.
We did drive fairly quickly through downtown Chicago and was on the interstate making good time by the time we were supposed to just be picking the load up. I was driving and Pops was sitting up front talking to me. We had gotten plenty of rest over the weekend although he knew that he would have to be driving throughout the night so he needed to try to at least get a nap. We also had about 5 extra hours built into this trip so that he could stop and take a break if he needed to.
I drove out my time and was near Paineville, Ohio when we switched over and he began to drive.
My friend, Deby, who also drives for Fedex CC and her team partner are going to start to drive for our truck owners and needed to get back to Atlanta by Thursday were having a hard time getting back from a trip they took to the west coast. I was talking to her and trying to cheer them on as they slowly and at their own expense traveled from Las Vegas clear to Atlanta. But they finally made it with absolutely no extra fuel or money to spare.
They were both taking a week or so off too and all of us would be changing trucks. We were moving into another truck that doesn't have a refrigerated unit that is in use and Deby and Alice would be moving into our old truck. So I wasn't looking forward to all of the work involved in moving all our stuff but I was excited to have them working for Tate and Shirley.
Pops drove all through the night and I woke up when we were only about 7 miles from the base. I took the dogs out and then we went on over.
This base has three seperate checkpoints before you are even onto the base, it takes a little over an hour to go through the process. But once inside we got unloaded and then we were done.
Whew who! Now we are going home.

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