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Friday, September 14, 2012

Our last day at home

I enjoyed my coffee in peace and quiet Tuesday morning as everyone still slept. Once Bill and Starla got up and came downstairs we talked for awhile until Bill had to leave for work.
Then I got ready and drove to the Bakery where Amy works. She was busy in the back. She is one of the bakers. She is always looking for recipes and trying new and interesting things.
I ordered a coffee and a glazed donut. I asked if there were any white creme filled donuts. They are favorites of Pops and I wanted to take him one. Luckily they had one, just one. So they wrapped it up for him. As they were wrapping that the other baker came out to the case carrying a tray of small oatmeal pies that had just came from the oven. Okay, I'll take one of those to go. Ha
Then Amy asked me to try the canneloni that she made. It was a recipe that she had made out of several recipes that she combined and made into one. I told her that I didn't really want one right now so she wrapped two of them to go. So after saying my goodbyes to her and giving her a big hug that would have to last until November I left her.
I drove out to Deby's house and was there only long enough to give her the two cards and answer a couple of questions that she had thought of since yesterday. I could see that she was excited to get moving again. It's funny how that happens when you're home. It is so nice to see everyone and visit, but you do get a sense of "Let's get going" after a couple of days.
Now I had to rush home and then Pops and I had to hurry and get the pickup truck down to Tom. He needed it by 2pm and we had to hurry. But we didnt get there until 10 minutes after 2 and Tom was already gone for work. Now that's too bad because he didn't want to run his car anymore than he had to so that problems didn't get worse. Oh well, too much to do and to far apart.
Now Pops, Starla and myself drove back up to Cove Auto. We had talked with Starla's husband and they had decided which of the cars they wanted to buy. So when we got there we found out that the owner didn't want to sell us that car because he said that he encountered more problems than he first thought and he didn't think it would be a good car for them.
For just a bit more money they could get the same type of car that was newer and had less miles so Pops and Starla took it for test drive and decided that it was a good choice. So after plunking down the cash she drove it away into Hyndman to get it transfered. But once she got to Hyndman we realized that the paperwork couldn't be done because we didn't have Starla's insurance info. So we drove it up to the house and called another notary that lives near us and she said we could come up later and get it all done. That made me happy because I wanted to get it all done and on the road before we had to leave the house.
We had all of the leftovers for supper tonight. When I come home I like to cook and also want to eat certain other foods that we don't get while out on the road so there is always a variety of stuff leftover.
It was a nice last night at home.
Now tomorrow we had an appointment to take our truck to get the electric looked at. Pops had to be in Jennerstown with the truck at 8:30 in the morning. I decided to stay behind at the house and enjoy some quiet, downtime before we had to head out.
We went into service at 6am so while Pops was gone we got a really good load offer. It was one that was too good to pass up, so I accepted it and we were put on the load. I called Pops and we realized that he would need to hurry home for us to make the pickup time. But before he even got home Fedex called him and told him that the load cancelled.
So Pops came home and would you believe that 3 more times we accepted and got loads that cancelled? We have never ever had 4 loads cancel in a row. Oh well, I know that God will give us the load we are meant to have. Every since we were in Seattle in February I do not get worked up about loads. I know without a doubt that God gives us the loads that we are supposed to have. We always get a load when all our work is completed and we always go where we are supposed to. I trust the Lord to give us our loads.
So we did in fact get a good load. It was picking up in Ohio and going to North Carolina. It was picking up in the morning but we decided to leave tonight and be there in the morning.
After supper I gave Starla a haircut and then Pops and I headed out. Oh how I hate saying goodbyes. But I am excited to be moving again and I am excited to get to know my new home.

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