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Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday at Home

We got up early on Thursday because we had told Tate and Shirley that we would drive out to Canton, Ohio and pick up our truck. So after drinking some coffee and making some to take along we got on the road by 7:30am.
I was driving my car and we made our way into Somerset and then on to the PA turnpike. We would follow the turnpike all the way to the Ohio line and then take the Ohio turnpike for awhile.
Once we got off the Ohio turnpike we stopped for a quick break at a rest area. It seemed strange to be pulling onto the car side of the rest area.
We were walking inside and I saw a black cat walking around. It was really friendly, so I picked him up and petted him for a minute and then sat him down on a park bench outside the building. When I came out there was a man there talking to the cat that was still on the bench. Pops got out there before me and he was talking to the man. The man pointed to me and said, "it belongs to her." Pops quickly told him that it indeed was not my cat. The man liked it and we thought that maybe he would claim it and take it home but his wife? quickly vetoed that.
So we were back in the car and almost there. We got off our exit and drove to the business that had our truck. At first glance I was a little disappointed in the front bumper. It had been wrecked and the paint was all cracked and ugly, but the rest of the truck looked really good. The inside looked good too. It is similar to what we just had. The layout is just a little different but the difference makes more floor room. The dash of the truck is all different too. So we got the keys from the business and Pops went next door to the truckstop for fuel. I got us some sandwiches and water and we were now on our way home.
I followed Pops. We stopped once at a service plaza to use the restroom and we talked about what Pops liked about the truck. He said how nice and smooth it drove and rode. And in fact some of the items that I had laid on the counter were still riding there without even moving.
We got going again and made it home by a little after 5pm.
I had planned on going over to Salisbury to get our DOT physicals which were about to expire. So I called them and if we could come right away we could go now. When I mentioned to Pops that we needed to get back in the car and go to the Dr he was not too happy. I know we had a long busy day and I would like to shower and rest too, but our physicals were one of the main reasons we were home now. So he and I did go and get that done.
Neither of us had any issues and I am glad considering the very first thing I did when I got there was to be handed a plastic cup and was told to go pee so he could see if I was pregnant. haha
Pops wasn't pregnant either.
By the time we got home from there, Bill P. was home and Starla had a big pan of Lasagna, sausage stuffed zucchini, garlic bread and salad ready. Oh yeah, She is such a good girl.
After supper we are relaxed in the living room, not really watching tv or anything, just talking and enjoying being home. Oh, it was good.

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