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Friday, September 14, 2012


We got up on Monday morning and left the house early. We were meeting our son, Tom, at Bob Evans in LaVale, MD. Our kids always refer to Bob Evans as the old people's restuarant. I don't know why, I think because their Grandma Ryan always liked it there. But that is where Tom wanted to go and I don't care one way or the other. I love breakfast food and I will eat breakfast anywhere.
We picked him up at his home since it was on the way and we found a place to park and went inside. We were offered a booth and so we sat there.
Once we ordered we had a good time visiting with our son. Pops and him compared their phones and Pops asked him a lot of questions about his phone. We are due to get new ones soon and Pops always has a difficult time making up his mind about what he wants. I am pretty easy to please. I like a keyboard because I would rather text than talk and I like a good camera because I am always taking pictures. I have a Blackberry Torch that I got 2 years ago and I haven't had one bit of problem with it and you all know how good of pictures that it takes. So I am leaning toward another Blackberry but we haven't been seeing any in the stores. Tom has an HTC and our other son, Drew has the new Samsung Captivate. Both of them like their phones. Pops has the old Samsung Captivate and is mostly leaning toward getting the new one. Both of our boys have had Iphones and liked them but they like the ones they have now better. If I can't get a Blackberry I thought I would get an Iphone because I have an Ipod and an Ipad and I like the Apple products and I am familiar with them, but like I said, I am pretty easy to please.
We talked about Tom's car. He is having some mechanical problems with it and was asking us about where we thought he might take it to be repaired. We suggested a young man from our church that fixes cars. So Tom texted him and he said he would do it. So we made arrangements for Tom to use our pickup truck while his car is being fixed.
After breakfast I needed to go up to Walmart to pick up some items I needed to finish up with our truck, so Tom agreed to go along. While we were up there Pops and Tom went to look at phones while I shopped for what I needed.
Once we left the store we took Tom back to his house and Bullet was outside in the yard. Remember Bullet is our grandpuppy that belongs to Drew. He is full grown now but is still very puppy-like. He is very energetic. He is a silver labrador retriever. He is gorgeous. So I played with him for a few minutes then Pops and I left.
Pops and I drove back up over the mountain to our house. We had told our friend, Deby, that we would bring our old truck to her today. So once we went inside the house and left the dogs outside for a few minutes and then got them back inside we took off for Somerset. Pops drove the old truck while I followed him in my car.
We parked at a store parking lot near Deby's house. Pops quickly showed her around the truck and tried to fill her in on what was what and how to operate everything. It is a lot of stuff to absorb and I think that she was a little overwhelmed.
We left her and told her that if she had any questions to call us anytime. She asked about the credit cards for fuel and the drivers pay and I realized that I had forgot them at the house. So I told her that I would bring them to her tomorrow.
After we left Deby's house I called my sister, Amy. I had told her that we would come see her for a little while if she was home and she was. So we drove to her house. It was good to get to spend some time with her although it never seems like enough. Her and I have a getaway planned for November when I am home on vacation. I can't wait.
She works at a bakery. I told her that I would there and visit with her again tomorrow when I brought the fuel cards in for Deby.
Then Pops and I left and we were on our way back to the house. I was exhausted. We have been really busy. It was 4:00 when we got home. Starla was busy working with some tomatoes that she was making into spaghetti sauce. I helped her with that for a little while and then we made supper. Once again Pops, me and Bill and Starla just relaxed through the evening. Oh boy, tomorrow is our last day at home and we are going to get that car for Bill and Starla. Sleep fast.

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