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Friday, September 14, 2012


It was a little comical on Sunday morning. Since we had left the church building yesterday to go look at cars and we all went in my car, Bill P.'s truck was still at the church building. Now on Sunday mornings at Wills Mt. the ladies meet an hour early and have an early Bible Study. When I'm home I always attend, so that meant everyone had to rise and shine and go along. Ha
But I didn't hear too much complaining. Actually I don't think I heard any.
It was so good to meet with some of my favorite people on this earth. The lesson was about the Holiness of God and His calling us to be Holy. It was led by Ginny Logsdon. It was a really good lesson. It is in a book that we had just started not too long ago. I have the same book and work on my lessons each week in the truck so that I am "on the same page" with these ladies.
After this we went into Sunday School. Every few weeks all of our sister congregations have a preacher switch day. This is when the preachers of the churches get scrambled around and get to preach at another church and we get to hear a different preacher too. So Chad was in Meyersdale, PA this week and Meyersdale's preacher, Doug Conley was at Wills Mt. So Doug was our Sunday School today.
The last time Pops and I were home was also Preacher switch day. We are wondering if Chad plans that. Just kidding. We know he wouldn't do that on purpose, at least I hope not.
After Sunday School we went into the auditorium for our worship service. It was a really good service. I just wish that Doug's wife, Sheree, would've come along, but we found out that she is in Memphis visiting her sister and vacationing. I missed her but I am very happy for her to be able to visit her sister. I love you, Sheree.
We always have an after service dinner at Wills Mt. and I am grateful for that because it gives me a chance to spend time just visiting with our people. I usually always sit with Jeff and Jane. Jeff is just like a real brother to me. They are such good friends.
I really missed one of my dear sisters, Lettie. She has just undergone a hysterectomy and is in recovery. I did get to talk to her on the phone though. I just really missed her hugs.
But it was so good to see all of the other friends. I love Wills Mt. and all the people there.
After we got home from there, Pops and I finished up with all the moving and the final touches to our new home. It was really looking like "home" now and I was feeling pretty good about  it except we didn't have any electric power in the house part of our truck so we would need to get that fixed asap so that we could have a stove, oven, water, and refrigerator. I love to cook and we seldom eat in truckstops, so we absolutely had to have electric.
But everything else was done and looking good.
Drew and Shelbie came to visit us around 5pm. They had just gotten back from a trip with several others to Ocean City. The Cumberland prisons where my boys work as guards, have a softball team and this weekend in Ocean City was the tournament between many of the prisons.
Drew had assembled a team and it was required to have a specific number of female players as well, so that is how Shelbie got involved. Shelbie is Drew's girlfriend. We met her last time we were home in August. She is so nice, not to mention pretty and her and Drew make such a cute couple. I can see that he is very happy and that makes me, his mom, happy.
I gave Shelbie the necklace that I bought for her while Pops and I were traveling through New Mexico and Arizona. She said that she liked it, I hope so.
They had a good time telling us all about their weekend. It was funny listening to them recount their experiences. I think somehow Drew learned to tell a good story. I especially liked hearing all the stuff that happened to Drew's friend, Steve while they were there. That poor young man had one thing right after another go wrong or weird. But Drew said that he handled it like a champ. Steve is a champ. I have known him since he was a wee little boy riding my bus to the school he attended. It sounds like they had a good time.
They stayed about 2 hours and then they had to go. Shelbie had to be back at college in the morning and she had to go back to Cumberland first to get her car. I really like her. And it was great seeing Drew.
So by now it was way too late for us to go to the hymn sing that was being held for all the sister congregations. Now I wouldn't get to see and say goodbye to most of my church friends. We just never seem to have enough time to get done everything we would like to do while home.
So we just watched some tv until bedtime. Bill P. would be going back to work tomorrow. Starla had some plans and Pops and I were getting up and meeting our son, Tom for breakfast at the "old people's place," it was Tom's choice. Haha

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