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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slow start

We got a good load when we left the house. It was actually one of the ones that had cancelled on us earlier in the day. It had come back out to us and we accepted it.It was picking up in Cleveland, Oh and going to Franklin, NC.
We left the house and had to go to Grantsville first for fuel. Our truck climbed up out of our valley really well. It seemed to ride very nicely as well.
It took us about 45 minutes to get to the Pilot truckstop. Pops filled up the fuel tanks and then we went inside. I wanted to look for some cup holders. There is only 2 in the dash and they don't seem to be very deep and stable. But Pilot didn't have anything that we liked.
So we got rolling toward Cleveland. We went through Salisbury, PA and just before we came into Meyersdale we noticed that something didn't feel right. All of a sudden our truck wasn't riding well. It got really loud and bumped really hard. Our air pressure was still ok and because it was dark we couldn't see any big problems. So I tried to sleep through a rough ride and the dogs were a nervous mess.
We got to Cleveland very early and got loaded and then we drove over to the garaage where we had picked this truck up just last week.
They found a problem with our airbags and had it corrected in about 5 minutes, but also found a problem with our brakes and aso one with our compressor fan. All of these were big problems. The garage got three mechanics working on our problems and within 2 hours we were on our way. I am glad that they got it all fixed.
We were supposed to get to Franklin by 9:15 tonight but because of our break down they bumped our time to 10:45. Although Fedex wanted us to get there sooner if we could.
We did in fact get there by 9:31. That is the time that we checked in. So I think we didn pretty good.  We were only offered Charlotte, NC as a layover option but it was over4 hous away so we decided to go to Atlanta. It would take us about an hour to get there.
Franklin is in the foothills of the smokey mts and so we drove through some rural roads and went south toward Atlanta. It was a ride that was probably very pretty in the daylight.
I fell asleep before we got to Atlanta and when I woke up in the morning we were parked in an old abandoned rest area.  After Pops woke up and I took the dogs out we drove on further to a Pilot truckstop. We found a pretty good parking spot and so we settled in but hoped that it wouldn't be for too long although there were 19 Fedex trucks ahead of us on the dispatch list.
We were still there that evening. So we made up our minds that if we were still here in the morning we would go to Best Buy and get a new XM radio for the truck. Out owners gave us permission to do this. They know how important the radio is to us. We listen non-stop. And the one we have didn't work. So Saturday we shopped for a radio and found one that we agreed on. It was the least expensive one too. It came with Bluetooth so that when we get a phone call while driving it shuts down the radio and we can take the call through the radio without using any hands. Awesome. It also has a CD player. But we couldn't get it installed until the next day which was Sunday. Oh well. Surely we would't still be here that long would we?
While at Best Buy I also bought a CD that I have been wanting but couldn't find and also a ccouple of movies. Pops and I also walked around looking at all of the phone choices and got some more information from the "experts" there. It seems we are fairly settled on which models we will choose when its time.
After we left the store we drove back to the Pilot truckstop. It was only about 15 miles from a church that we wanted to attend if we were still here. Our good friend, Linwood Smith, is the preacher there.
Sunday morning we got up early and went inside for our showers. Then we drank some coffee and then drove over to the church.
They have a Christian School there too so there was plenty of parking for our truck near their school buses.
We parked and went inside. Sunday School was already started and we found a seat in the back. A man brought us some paper stuff over and told to Pops to fill it out that it was an application for them to borrow money from us. Haha. I liked him right away. It was really a visitors card and a welcome packet.
Sunday school was a lesson from 1 Timothy chapter 1 and it was a lesson on Evangelizing. It was a good lesson and one that would make it easy for anyone who didn't know how to start sharing the gospel with people.
Our friend Linwood came over and talked with us for a few minutes in between Sunday school and church.  It was so good to see hin and be here. I sure was hoping we would get to visit with him after services.
The service began with some singing and then communion. During communion I started to think of all the friends that we have made all over the US and realizing that all of us were having communion and remembering our Lord and Savior, Jesus. We have good friends all over and they mean so very much to me.
Linwood preached a sermon about Jesus being our Great High Preist. He gave us 10 reasons why Jesus was the greatest High Preist ever.
I also got to meet the mother and sister of another friend, Tanya England. This is their home home church before Tanya's husband Tommy became a preacher.
I love making new friends through churhes.
After the service Linwood and his wife, Deb invited us to go with to eat at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Their granddaughter, Reagan was going along too and before we pulled their car out of the garage, their son, Jason showed up and went with us too. It was a nice time and I like getting to meet Linwoods family.
We hung around for awhile afterward but then we left so that Linwood could visit with his sonwho lives away and hardly ever comes.
It was a wonderful day so far. God is so Good.
From there we drove straight to the Best Buy store and hung out there until it was time for our installation.
It took about 1 1/2 hours to install our radio and antenna. But boy was I excited when it was done. We of course had to "try out" the radio bluetooth. It worked great.
Now we drove back to the Pilot truckstop and spent the night, listening to the radio and hoping  for a load.
Wow, only one load since leaving the house Wednesday evening. But I'm sure that God intended for us to be at the Whistleville Christian Church today.

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