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Friday, September 14, 2012


Friday was moving day. Ugh! This is the part I was dreading. Both trucks were sitting side by side, doing this does make it easier as I can pack a box or two and then move it over and unpack it and put it away right away, and repeat as many times as necessary.
Believe me, we have a lot of stuff.
Pops worked outside and in the boxes of the trucks while I did the inside, house part of our truck.
Once when we moved we had to pack all our stuff and then wait a week or so to move into another truck so we put all our packed stuff on the back of our pickup truck and then into our garage. We had over 2 pickup loads of stuff. Well, you figure that we have all our clothes and personal items. We have books, movies, music. We have computers, ipods, ipads, phones and all the accessories. We have crockpots, toasters, electric skillets, electric pots, and a mixer. I even have an all purpose pan for the cooktop burner. We have a winter coat, a raincoat, and a vest along with a hoodie. And then some cupboards of food.
We have a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink and a toilet. Not to mention the full sized bed and all the sheets and comforter for that. We have boots, workshoes, church shoes and flipflops. We have one cupboard just for gallon jugs and bottles of drinking water.
So we worked and worked and got a lot done but didn't get finished. We had to quit by supper time because we need to shower and get ready to go to the church for the family seminar by Kendall Faull. Kendall is from Indianapolis, IN. He was asked by Chad, our evangelist to come in and do a seminar that would speak to the families of the church. Many of the sister congregations were planning on attending also.
Kendall did a fantastic job. He spoke this evening on the father's role in the family and then we took a break and we started up again he talked about the mother's role in the family. It was really good. I wish that more people would show up for these things. They are so helpful and informative.
The seminar lasted from 6pm until around 9:30. It would start up again in the morning and go until about noon.
We drove home and it wasn't long before all of us went to bed.
It was a long tiring day. but a good one.

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