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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our owners took us to supper

Billed as the World's Best Catfish. It was pretty good.

This is Tate and Shirley, our truck owner. They are good people.
We worked so hard today switching out trucks. Tate and Shirley took us to dinner. We went to a place called, "Clear Springs Fishhouse."
They say they have the best catfish in the world. Well, I don't know because I've not eaten catfish everywhere, but I do know that it was really good.
We also ate fried pickles with our meal. I had never eaten those before either. They were really good.
This restuarant is an old cotton gin and it is old, with bare boards on the wall and floors. There were stuffed animals (taxidermy) all around and old antique signs and toys and kitchen gadgets. It was great.
Of course we had a lot of food leftover so we can eat that for the next two days. Yum yum.

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