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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Drug Test

On Monday morning when we woke up we thought that we would get a load right away, but it work out just like that. We got a call from FedEx alright, but they told Pops that I needed to go for a random drug test and they would send us the details shortly.
Within 10 minutes they shot some directions and instructions to our C link and I was to go immediately. It was 8 miles away and I already had to pee so off we went. Well, it took us 20 minutes to drive those 8 miles and then we had to find a place to park our truck which we finally did. And Pops waited in the truck with the dogs while I went in to pee in a cup.
When I walked in I saw about 20 some people in the waiting room. The receptionist gave me some forms to fill out and then told me to sit and wait. And wait, and wait and wait. I got to watch a whole episode of Match Game (a game show from the 70's) while I waited.
Finally they called my name, so I went back and did my thing and that was that.
I took the dogs out for a quick walk when I got back out to the truck and then made us some coffee. And then we got a load. It picked up in Georgia and was going to McConnellsburg, PA. We were going home, just like we wanted to and a whole day early!
So we drove to pick up and then headed toward home. Well, first we had a load to deliver.
We got to our destination on Tuesday around 3pm about 2 hours early. Then we got another load offer before we went out of service. It was another load that kept us fairly close to home but allowed us to make a few more dollars. So we talked them into raising up the rate. But then it cancelled. oh well.
And then, it came back out to us at the original low rate. We called our boss and soon we were offered the load for the higher rate again. So we wouldn't be going home today, we would go home tomorrow after we deliver.
We wore picking up a transfer load from another truck and then delivering in Corry, PA, near Erie. So we drove to the FedEx Freight location and waited for the truck to come in. When the appointed time came and the other driver wasn"t there yet, Pops went inside to check what was going on. We found out the other driver was stuck in traffic in NYC and having a hard time getting out. So we set up a different meeting place and planned to meet the driver and still be able to make the scheduled delivery time.
We met up with the other driver at a Walmart in Hamburg, PA and backed the two trucks together and transfered the load. And then we were away from there.
Corry is a small place in the middle of the boondocks in the a huge forest. We drove for so many miles around windy, foggy, narrow roads. It took forever. But we did get there and unloaded.
Now we put our truck out of service and headed home.
It was so good to pull in here. We unloaded the truck and carried everything inside.
I am so excited to be home and I am so excited for our Revival and so excited for our Camp Meeting and so excited to being able to meet up with some dear friends.

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