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Friday, June 3, 2011

First Week of June

This week got off to a late start with Memorial Day being Monday. We waited out the long weekend in the Dallas heat, but then Tuesday evening we got a load. It picked up in near Oklahoma City and delivered in Dayton, TN.
Pops started off driving that trip and into the night. We got there early so got to sleep for several hours in a Walmart Parking lot. I went into the store and restocked our cupboards and refrigerator.
Then we made our pickup. I began to drive then and drove throughout the daylight hours. It was good to be back in Oklahoma again. I loved driving through the different Indian Nations and trying to pronounce the names of the Indian places. At one point there was an exit for a place called, Lotawata Rd. As I said the name, I mentioned to Pops that there must be a lot of water here. I no sooner got the words out of my mouth when we saw a big lake. haha
I kept seeing billboards advertising a store that I thought looked interesting. So we decided to stop there for lunch. After driving many miles, we exited and I was excited. We pulled into the lot only to find that the store was closed, permenantly. Oh well, it was fun to think about.
But we did get lunch. We had Tamales. It was the first time either of us had eaten those. Pops almost ate the corn shuck that they were wrapped in. But after giving him a quick instruction we both ate them and enjoyed.
We drove and drove and it seemed that the entire day we were seeing evidence of tornadoes. In Oklahoma, then in Arkansas we saw a lot of damage and then into Tennessee and the whole way across that state.
After we delivered there the following morning, we got a dispatch immediately. It picked up near Atlanta, GA and was going to Columbus, OH.
Georgia also has tornado damage. It is unreal how widespread the violent weather is this year.
The drive up to Columbus was a good drive. We went back through Knoxville, TN and up and across Rarity Mt. That is one of the most awesome drives. And then up through KY, into Cinncinati, Oh and then on to Columbus.
Again we were early so again we spent the night in a Walmart lot. We are busy and driving a lot but getting to sleep too, That is nice.
We got up early and delivered our load.
And then we got another dispatch. We are headed back down to Charlotte, NC. So back down the same routes that we just came up yesterday. Back across Rarity Mt. and into Knoxville, but then we made a direction change toward Asheville, NC.
So Pops is driving now and I am about to sleep. We should get there a little early again so he will be able to catch a few winks before delivery in the am.
We will be about an hour or so from dear friends of ours, Wayne and Nadine Jocelyn. I was kind of wondering if we would be able to go to church at their church on Sunday, but again we are dispatched already.
We will be picking up  in Timberlake, NC at 10am and then delivering at midnight at Niagra Falls, NY.
I don't know if there is a church near there or not, but I will be looking.
Anyway, I better hit the bunk, it will be another long driving day tomorrow.

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