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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Best Time

This is my very good friend, Ruth.

Today I had the best of times. Starla and I got together with 2 very wonderful women that we used to work with at an Assisted Living Home.
When these two women found out when I was getting in they called Starla and asked if we could all get together. Of course I wanted to also so I told them when I would be here and we planned to meet somewhere for breakfast.
Then Ruth decided that she would like for us to come to her home for brunch instead. I was all for that.
So Starla and I picked up our other good friend Carol and we drove to Ruth's home in Meyersdale.
When we arrived I noticed that the pot-bellied pig that Ruth's brother bought for his wife was in the yard in the sun. They named him Oink. Then I noticed that they also had a peacock, his name is Peter and he was all spread out and was absolutely amazing.
We went inside the house and Ruth had the table set with beautiful china and crystal. It was so pretty. She served us a delicious fruit salad and then a wonderful breakfast casserole. And then after all of that she gave us homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee. It was all so yummy. And she thinks that she is not a good hostess. Well, nobody has anything over on her that's for sure.
We talked and talked and talked some more. It was like we had just seen each other yesterday. We just kept on talking and enjoying our time together until I realized that 5 hours had passed by.
I am so glad to have some time with them. I was almost in tears when I left Ruth's house and then again when I dropped Carol off at her house. I will miss them both so much.
I am so glad that God has allowed me to be blessed by the friendship of these two women. I love you both so very much.

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