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Saturday, June 11, 2011

DOT Inspections

Oh what a week of emotional ups and downs. I can't hardly stand it.
We knew a few weeks ago that June 7,8, and 9th was going to be the big blitz put on the Federal DOT. We were warned that everything with our trucks and everything with our paperwork and so forth had to be up to par. The DOT was setting up hundreds of checkpoints nationwide.
Well, I was a nervous wreck about all this. Not that we had too many issues but we have been having problems with our lights constantly shorting out. I was worried that we would get written up for something and it would go against our license.
We had been running really hard and we were pretty worn out. So Monday evening once we unloaded in Kansas City we went to a truck stop for layover.
We were not offered any loads all the next day (the 7th.) I was not upset. We did need the break and we used the time to get our lights all fixed.
We had a few offers the next day but nothing that interested us. So we missed out on 2 days of the blitz. Whew!
The next day we drove up to St. Louis. We thought maybe we would get a better load offer from there. And wouldn't you know it, we had problems with our lights. So we got them fixed AGAIN!  And once again avoided the inspection.
Later that evening we did get a load. And it was my turn to drive. There was still a few hours left of the blitz and I was nervous. But it was okay. I didn't have to go into any of the weigh stations. So we avoided that. What a relief.
While we were spending time in Missouri, our air conditioner quit on us. And it was HOT! 94-96 degrees. We did get that fixed right away.
Not only was it hot in Missouri, they are also being invaded by the 13 year Cicadas.
Internet Picture
They were everywhere. And they were noisy and very invasive. If we got out of the truck they were swooping our heads. The dogs were going crazy trying to catch them. Lucy **eats** them. Yuck!
See the "W" on the wings? And Bill Perdew reminded me to look for the one with blue eyes. No thanks, I'll steer clear of them.
One of them landed on Pops and the MEN in the shop were about to pee their pants. But Pops just reached down and pulled it off and left it go. You would've thought he was a superhero. Boy, were they sissies. huh.
We got a real nice load going to Sumter, SC. So I slept through the night and then drove the whole next day. I got to cross the Smokey Mountains between Tennessee and North Carolina. It is such a beautiful drive and honestly the mountains did look all smokey. It almost looked like they were smoking from a fire.
After unloading we went to Charlotte, NC. We hoped only for a short time, but it turns out that we are spending the weekend.
After a really good nights' sleep I got up to take the dogs out and found a lovely berry patch right behind our truck. I picked 2 bowlfuls of berries and Pops and I ate at them all day. Yum Yum, I love blackberries.
Then the best surprize, Phil Hanze, a friend of ours from Facebook and Delmarva family camp, called us up and wanted to take us to lunch. So when he came he took us to the Golden Corral and then he drove around and showed us the area. We had a good time. I love our Christian friends. And I love getting out of the truck and getting together with friends.
We will soon be home!!! I cannot wait. My soul needs my friends.
We are planning on being home by Wednesday. Revival starts Wednesday evening with Linwood Smith and then followed by our Preaching in the Mts. family camp.
I am so excited.

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