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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Work

We got a load for Monday morning. It picked up in Saxonburg and went to New Jersey.
I was glad to be going back to work although I felt like just one more day off would have been nice. I was also excited for Kelly, a friend of mine, whose husband Ralph drives truck too; she was getting to go with him for the next two weeks. I hope she enjoys her travels.
We picked our load up and took off to New Jersey. Our trip was pretty uneventful. We picked up some big, awkward machine. Before we got to New Jersey we got a predispatch for the next day.
Our NJ delivery was near Rutger's University. They unloaded us and we had a good bit of time to kill so we drove to a Walmart in Piscataway, NJ to camp for the night.
We had the whole evening to do whatever we wanted, so I read some of my book and shopped at Walmart, Pops played on Facebook.
We didn't have to rush the next morning either. So I took the dogs out and then cleaned up the truck and lingered over my coffee while Pops woke up slowly.
We drove to a chemical plant in NJ to pick up our load. It was a huge plant with many buildings behind a fence.
After we got loaded and was driving out, we saw a huge Buck deer. We grabbed the camera but didn't get a picture. We lost sight of it for a while and then when we saw it, we saw two more. They looked like young reindeer they were so big.
Pops talked to the guard about them. He was told that there were deer on the property when the plant was built and they stayed there, Now each year they grow bigger and bigger and tamer. That was pretty cool.
So off to Houston, TX. We had 45 hours for a 27 hour trip. We didn't have to rush. That was nice.
So I drove down through the Shenendoah Valley of Virginia enjoying the mountains, then the fog surrounding the mountains near Christiansburg.
Then I slept while Pops drove.
Our generator in the truck is not working which means that we have no AC in the sleeper part of our truck. It was really to hot to sleep until it got dark and then I opened the roof vent and Pops put the front windows down a little. That made it nice and cool. However, Pops could not sleep the next day while I drove.
By now we were in Mississippi and Louisiana. IT WAS HOT!!!
We called our owner and he told us to get it fixed in Baton Rouge.
We were there for 2 1/2 hours, and $150 later found out that they couldn't fix it and that it probably is a problem with the engine of the truck. Oh Boy!
Pops called our owner.
We were already supposed to be getting another truck but it won't be ready for at least 3 more weeks, so tomorrow after we deliver in Houston, we will be going to San Antonio to get into a temporary truck. Oh I hate the thoughts of moving all of our stuff. And I know that this will cost us a load. And then we'll probably be stuck sitting for the whole 4th of July weekend. If that happens, I want to visit the Alamo in San Antonio and have me some real Texas Barbeque.
Anyway, while crossing Louisiana, we stopped at Peto's, a favorite stop of mine. This is where we got the Jalapeno Boudin Balls and the boudin at Christmas time. This time I, of course, got the Jalapeno Boudin Balls and some green onion sausage and some cajun spiced pork chops. I also got us a cajun ginger cake and a cajun blackberry sweet dough tart. Yum Yum. I love Louisiana. They are my kind of rednecks.
The bayous are so pretty this time of year and we saw many fishermen. I was envious of them. It looked so peaceful out there in the water at sunset.
Anyway, now we are in Beumont, TX. We are going in to shower and we will be sleeping here tonight. Then we'll drive to our delivery in Houston in the morning.
It is good to be back to our normal again.
I miss y'all already though. Yep, I said "y'all."

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