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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gaston Christian Church
Sunday, June 12, 2011 We attended the Gaston Christian Church in Belmont, NC. Our friend, Phil, attends there and we were not too far from there.
We woke up this morning and went in to shower and then after coffee we took off. We wanted to be early so that parking wouldn't be a problem.
We got there just before 9am and there were only 2 cars in the lot. Phil pulled in right after we did.
I took the dogs out for a quick walk and then we went in the building. We were about 1/2 hour early so we watched the praise team practice.
Then we went over to the fellowship hall for Sunday school. They discussed the day of Pentecost and how the tongues as of fire came down upon the apostles. They also talked about how the "tongues" that were spoken were other languages. The many, diverse people in Jerusalem heard them speaking in "their own native languages." Time passed quickly and the lesson time was over.
We then walked over to the main building again. I walked with a lovely woman whose name was Pat. She told me that she is 85 years old. She reminded me very much of a lovely lady that I knew and cared a lot for that recently passed away. I really liked this Pat from this morning and she will be forever in my mind. (Isn't it funny how some people are just unforgetable?) Her husband was very nice too.
The service started with the Praise team leading the congregation with singing and then the Children's Church was dismissed.
Communion meditation was very much what I needed to hear this morning. God was speaking to my heart through this man that I had never met.
I did not sleep very well last night. My soul was burdened with worries. But thank God he brings me messages through messengers at just the right times.
Then the sermon went on to be more of what I needed to hear. The minister, Scott Patterson, brought a very good sermon on the Psalm 23:2. He spoke about the Green Pastures and Quiet Waters. He talked about the "sheep" and our relationship with the "Shepherd," Jesus.
We, humans, need to be still and unbusy sometimes. We need our Shepherd to MAKE us to lie down in green pastures.
We also were told that the green pastures do not occur naturally, that they are the result of work done by the Shepherd for our care.
Our Shepherd loves us so much. We need to let Him have control of our lives.
After church we spent a few minutes with the Price family, Scott, Sylvia, Merrick and Kragen. They are so friendly and Sylvia, the wife and mother was interested in what we do and she liked the dogs. How could I not love someone who loves my dogs? I would've like to spent more time with them. Maybe next time.
After we left church we went to a Walmart to get some groceries. We hope to be home on Wednesday, so we didn't need much.
Then we looked for a chinese restaurant. We found 2 listed on the internet and drove to the closest. After parking our truck and walking inside we realized that it wasn't buffet. Oh, our disappointment, but oh well, so we got a few items for take out and walked back to the truck.
We ate some lunch and walked with the dogs and then settled in for a nap. Ahhh, Sundays, the day of rest, I love Sunday afternoon naps.
What a wonderful Lord's Day. We will remember this church for when we are in this area again.

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