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Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Busy Us

Our load to Niagra Falls got cancelled. Oh well, it happens.
Instead we got a load going from Greensboro, NC to Marshall, IL. We went to our pickup place and there didn't seem to be anyone around. Pops went inside and I got the dogs out for a walk. Since it was deserted with no one driving around, I left them off their leashes.
We walked around the place for a while. Then I noticed plums! They were all over the ground. I picked up all I could carry in my hands and took them back to the truck. No, I didn't pick any off the trees. So I ate plums until Pops came out and then he ate plums too. They were the round red ones, yummy.
We took off for Marshall. On the way we passed the rest area where Lucy killed the baby bunnies. I wondered if any were still alive.
We delivered that load. It was Sunday morning. We had been looking for a church in the area and contacting some friends we knew but it didn't matter we got another load right away.
We were picking up and going back to Memphis, TN. We are hauling spark plugs, 8 pallets of spark plugs. Well, we'll rest once we get there.
But once again plans got changed. We got a load out of Memphis before we were even half way there. This time going to Kansas City.
We have been running ragged lately. I don't know what is going on. But it's okay. We will be off for 2 weeks soon. I can't wait.
We will be home for revival with Linwood Smith at Wills Mt. Church of Christ and then the next week is our Preaching in the Mountains Family Camp. I always love that.
So run me ragged now, just leave me enough time for a shower.
We are sitting on layover right now in Kansas City. We are glad for the break though because tomorrow starts a 3-day DOT blitz. They will be targeting commercial vehicles and pulling them in for inspections. We need some lights fixed so we are waiting to get into the service bay now. Also, and this is the big thing, our AC quit working yesterday.
It was 94 degrees today too. We need that fixed real bad. I felt so sorry for the dogs. IT WAS HOT!!!!
So not sure where we will go from here but I doubt it will be too long until we get something.

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Kristie @ Comfy Cozy said...

I am so excited that I'll be able to see you guys at the family camp!!! I'll be there Tuesday and Wednesday.