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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We thought we might have a difficult time getting a load out of San Antonio and I was lining up some things to do if we were stuck there. We missed out on a good load going to NC and figured that was our one chance, but the Lord takes care of us and we were offered a trip going to Quebec, Canada.
We haven’t done any Canada loads before because trucks must have a speed limiter and our other didn’t have one, but this truck does so when the money was right we decided, why not?
So we left San Antonio on Friday afternoon. Tate and Shirley met us at the truck stop while we were fueling and then we headed out.
It was a long drive through Texas, but of course it always is. We had to go through Austin, Waco, past Fort Worth and through Dallas. It was crazy with traffic, I guess because of holiday (4th of July) travelers.
We saw some fireworks over the lake in Dallas as we were driving through.
Then we continued north up through the United States. It was nice weather and a pleasant drive. And we didn’t need to rush so it was enjoyable.
We went through Michigan and then made it to the border around 2am.
I was worried about crossing because we had heard so many scary tales about what they put you through there. And I was nervous when I pulled up. Because of the time there were no other trucks or traffic.
I handed my 2 forms of ID out the window and he looked at me and said, “What are you giving me?” I quickly jerked my hand back inside and said, “Oh.”
“Give me your paperwork and your passports.” I did  and he stamped them and handed them back to me.
“Do you have any weapons or firearms?” He asked.
“No.” I said.
“Ok, you’re clear to go.”
Wow, that was it? 8 minutes total. I was expecting hours. So we drove away. Now where? We didn’t know for sure.
And the speed  limit signs were in kilometers! We googled that to make sure we wouldn’t be speeding.
And I drove us about an hour inside the border to a truckstop and we slept there for the night.
The next morning we awoke and after eating got to driving again. It was really afternoon, because we didn’t lay down until 4:30am.
Pops drove us across Ontario which was mostly all rural areas with big farms. Then through the city of Toronto. Then we crossed the line into Quebec. It was rural too, but with a few more towns and cities every once in a while. Then we went through Montreal.
About that time we started to see the clouds turn dark and begin to gather. A storm was coming. The clouds kept getting bigger and bigger and darker and darker. We did get to drive through a storm but it only lasted about 10 minutes.
We finally made it to Roxton Falls about 8:30pm. It was just getting dark here and the sky was pretty after the storm. We found our delivery sight, but our scheduled time isn’t until 9am so we are parking in the big lot until morning. This is a small town, population 1,300. It seems quiet so it should be a relaxing evening.
Pops and I just enjoyed an ice cream cone. I love having a freezer big enough to keep ice cream. And we have 2 half gallons because he wanted chocolate cherry and I like butter pecan. Haha
Well, I’m quite interested to see if and how we get out of Canada tomorrow.  It still could get pretty interesting.

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