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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day Sunday 2013

I had a really nice Mother's Day considering I didn't get to see any of my kids. But I heard from each of them, including some additional ones I've collected over the years.
We did go to church in Near Charlotte, NC. We attended Gaston Christian Church. Our good friend, Phil Hanze goes there. And the preacher there, Scott Patterson, is a game playing friend of mine as well. 
Everyone was so very friendly. We went into Sunday School and it was taught by Bob. It was the final lesson in a series on the Beatitudes. We talked about persecution of Christians. It was a very good discussion.
After Sunday School, Scott brought a sermon from 1 Corinthians 13. It was called Love Lasts. He asked us if our love is bankrupt. It was a very good sermon.
After church Phil took us to eat at a Hibachi place called Fuji. We met Tyler Wroble, who we knew from before, and his mother and sister there. 
The staff gave every woman a rose. And then we had quite a show watching them cook our food.
We had a good time.
I sure miss my kids, Frankie and Melynie, Bill and Starla, Tom, and Drew and Shelbie. But I am so blessed to have them. I love my family.

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