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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day of Surgery

So the day of surgery is here. We got up early, I was first. I made coffee and prayed. Then Pops, Bill and Starla came downstairs. We talked a little bit but everyone seemed in a little funk.
Starla said that she wasn't nervous just a little apprehensive about the anesthesia. She sometimes doesn't handle it well.
I guess it was around 9:15 when we all got into my car and drove to the hospital.
She was pre registered so it didn't take very long to get in. Her and Bill went back into short stay surgical rooms. Pops and I went to the waiting room and found Melvin (an elder from Wills Mt.) and Ginny his wife, who are both very good friends of ours already there waiting.
We chatted a little bit and Ginny asked me exactly what was being done. I explained to her that because of previous health concerns it was recommended that Starla have an endometrial ablation. She has always had "female" problems and now also the pacemaker it is better that she never try to have children and she probably could not have had any anyway and we have known that since she was in her late teens. So by having this procedure it is hoped to stop or drastically decrease the other problems.
Bill came and got me and said that I could go back and be with her until they took her into surgery. So we twisted and turned and found our way back there.
I helped her pass the time by letting her read the blog on my phone and giving her my phone to play WordMole. She had never played this game before. It is one that I like to play when I get a few minutes in the truck. And then before we knew it they were taking her away.
So Bill and I went back to the waiting room with the others.
In a short time Bill and I went to the snack bar to get some coffee and water. We also grabbed some snacks too.
I guess it was about an hour after that when the doctor came out and told us that all went well and we could visit with her in a short time.
Once they came to get us and allowed us back to her room it seemed like only a few minutes until she was dressed and they pushed her to my car in a wheelchair.
She was trying to be a trooper, but I could see that she was in pain and still very sleepy.
Bill and I went into Walmart to pick up her meds and I needed a few things yet for our truck. It was a good half hour before they managed to count out the 20 pills that she was to get.
Then we drove home and she went straight to her room.
I fixed supper for the rest of us and from time to time one of us would go up and check on her. She was still sobbing and in a lot of pain. I felt so bad for her.
I did take her something to eat and she was groggy and I didn't think she knew that I even brought it up.
When Bill went up about an hour later he brought an empty plate down. Wow, I was amazed. I never thought she would eat anything she seemed too sleepy.
Pops, Bill and I sat up and talked until about 11:30 and then we all went to bed. I think that Starla will do fine. Her papers state that after 2-3 days she should feel pretty good.
Pops and I still plan to go back to work on Tuesday, but only if she is doing okay. There is plenty of food cooked here for Bill to eat for a few days. Her laundry is caught up and the house isn't dirty so they will be fine.
Although I am not in any hurry to be a literal Grandma, I am sad to know that my daughter will never know the joy of being a mother. But we all know that God is God and He knows best. We trust Him always. And Starla is so good with all children. I know she is a good step-mother too. She loves kids.
We have Allison, Kailey and Hunter because of Bill. These will be Starla's only chance at being any kind of a mother and our only chance of being any kind of grandparents through Starla. There are always obstacles when you are in this kind of circumstances. But obstacles can be overcome with patience and love.

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