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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Day of Worship

Riverside Christian Church
Last evening we searched the Church Directory and looked for somewhere to attend services today. We were nearby (within 6 miles) of one church and I made some calls trying to establish contact and get the usual information that we need to know, ie: service times and if parking is available for our truck. I didn't get any call backs from that number.
So we looked for other churches within a certain perimeter hoping to get a contact.
I looked up some websites on the internet and saw one that caught my eye so I called the phone number. Someone answered right away and I could hear a lot of noise in the background so I knew something was going on at the church. He said his name was Paul and he answered all of my questions and said that they would be glad to have us, so in my mind it was settled. We would be attending the Riverside Christian Church in Merrimack, NH.
We got up this morning and took the dogs out while the coffee was brewing. Then got dressed and relaxed with our coffee. After about 45 minutes we got started. We figured that it would take us about 40 minutes to drive the 28 miles since we weren't sure where to go.
It was fairly easy to find especially since the church is located in a business park. So we pulled in and situated the truck and went inside.
It was a very pretty church and seemed rather new. The music team was playing and singing already and it sounded good.
I was told by Paul the previous evening that Sunday School was on the second floor so after making a stop at the restroom we headed upstairs.
The classroom was easy to find and there were already about 15-18 in attendance. We took seats in the backrow.
It was a casual atmosphere and everyone was drinking coffee, just like our home church.
The lesson got started after having prayer for the sick. It was taught by Ray Pouliot. He is the minister here at Riverside. They were studying 1 Corinthians and discussing Paul teaching the Corinthian people about "rights" as Christians.
I really liked this lesson and found out later that Pops did too. We were given worksheets to bring home to use in our studies this week.
After Sunday School we went back downstairs to the Auditorium. There we were led in songs of Praise and Worship and then Ray got up to speak.
His message was on the 8th Chapter of the Book of Romans, verses 28-39. The title was, "Safe and Secure."
He told us about the 5 assurances of being secure in Christ. It was a much needed to hear message for me today and I wish that Starla and Bill could have heard it too. It seems that they are going through so much right now and I know that hearing these assurances would have been encouraging to them.
1. God is in Control (v.28-30)
2. God is for us (v.31)
3. God is a gracious giver (v.32)
4. God forgives us (v.33-34)
5. God will not leave us (35-39)
If you are interested, this sermon was recorded and can be heard at:
After the message we took communion and then the service ended.
I felt good. It is always good to be in the house of the Lord. I am forever amazed by the love that we see as we travel. We never feel like strangers when we are among the Lord's people.
After the services, Pops and I went out to the truck. I left the dogs out for a little while to play in the grass. And then I cooked our dinner. I made Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Noodles and Peas. It was good, but now everything inside our truck smells like fried chicken. Oh well.
Then we took a nap. I tried to read for a while but that didn't happen. We had a good nap.
The Praise Team was having a Night of Worship at 6:30 so we got ready and went back inside. The auditorium was dim and there were only a handful of people there, (just like back home.)
But once the service started it was beautiful. The praise team led songs and videos were shown along with the words on the 2 large screens in front. Several short messages were seen on the screens and all in all it was very uplifting and touching. We truly have an Awesome God and He is worthy of our praise.
It was a great day in Lord. We are ready to begin another work week. So we'll see what happens.

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