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Saturday, July 23, 2011


So we were home with Starla the whole day on Tuesday because of a computer mixup by our company. I think and Starla agrees that God just wanted us home with her for an extra day. She really was sore and oh so tired from the meds. She just slept and slept.
I kept the dishes and laundry done for her and made supper while we were home so that she didn't have to do anything.
We thought for sure that we would wake up to a load on Wednesday morning but once again we didn't. Later on in the in afternoon we did get a load. So we would be leaving in a little while. We had to pick up and go to New Hampshire.
I was excited to go there again.
So we made our delivery the next morning and then went to Walmart to stay. I did go in and shop for awhile. I picked up some items I needed to do some repairs and then Pops and I did do the repairs. Just minor repairs but it was satisfying.
And we waited for a load. And we waited some more and finally that evening we moved our truck to a very nice rest area. We got a good place to park and only planned to be there for a short time, but that didn't work out either. We spent that night and the whole next day and then again Friday night.
While we were there we checked out a lot of the brochures for the state. And we found several that were interesting. There was one that sold Buffalo meat and many other meats and it was only a few miles from where we were. We made up our minds that if we were still sitting tomorrow we would go there.
Well, we woke up and still no loads. We were having offers, but none that met all our criteria. So we did drive up to the Healthy Bison Store.
It was a very small shop with not much parking but we managed to get the truck off the road.
When we entered we were offered samples of 2 kinds of sausage, one made from venison with blueberries and the other was smoked bison.
We looked around and settled on 8 buffalo burgers, 4 ostrich burgers, and 1 pound of alligator sirloin. Oh yeah and 2 bison bones for the dogs.
When we got to the truckstop, we fueled the truck and then parked. Once we got settled I cooked up some bison burgers for Pops and I and gave the dogs their bones.
The man at the shop told me that I needed to cook them on low heat and cook them slow and start them while still frozen. So I followed his directions and they came out really good.
I just may run back to that store to get some meat to take home with us so that our family can try it all. They also had lamb, antelope, duck, pigeon, wild boar, ravioli stuffed with duck, rabbit or bison. I just want to try it all.
Anyway, I imagine we will be probably still be here until Monday. Oh, well.

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