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Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to the US

We came back into the US empty and it was just as easy as going in. The Border Patrol did look inside our box of our truck though.
It was a beautiful sunny day, a nice day for the 4th of July.
We crossed into Vermont because our layover was Portsmouth, NH. I had never been to Vermont with FedEx yet so I needed to get a keychain and some postcards.
We got off an exit to see if I could get some and the little town that we stopped in was having a parade, so a policeman turned us around and sent us to another location.
We stopped at a small town with a big lake. It was Lake Memphrenmagog. It is a very large lake that stretches from Vermont into Canada. There were so many people already enjoying the lake on this day. We saw swimmers, boaters, sailors, and just sight-seers, like us. We spent a little time there with the dogs and then got back on the road.
Vermont is about the prettiest state I've seen so far. There are mountains, and so much nature to enjoy. I would've loved to get to spend more time there.
Then we crossed into New Hampshire. We continued to travel through the mountains and State Parks. There was one place that was called Twin Mountains State Park. It was two mountains coming together with a narrow ravine between the two. They were so steep that while we drove between the two, you almost couldn't see the tops of either one; and it was only two lane traffic and very narrow and curvy. There was also a lake in there too, it was a very busy place this 4th of July day. On the sides of the mountains were ski slopes, very very steep ski slopes. Who on this earth would ever stand up and come down those mountains on skis? Oh, My, gracious! I would love to sit at the bottom and watch.
We really enjoyed our holiday driving through some of God's most beautiful areas. What a great job we have! Sometimes I feel guilty getting paid to drive around and see so many sights.
We got to our place of layover and fueled our truck. We found a good place to park and got something to eat, cleaned up and got ready for bed. Ahhhhh!
The next day we got busy cleaning the truck, sweeping the box, re-arranging the outside storage boxes, doing laundry and all the usual stuff we do while on layover. The day went by pretty quickly.
I wasn't feeling well at all. I must have had some sort of stomach virus because I was throwing up and really tired and weary. I slept a lot through out the day. By evening I was starting to feel a little better so we decided to go inside to get something to eat. Well, that idea wasn't too good because I realized that I wasn't very hungry at all, so we got our food in boxes and went back out to the truck.
The next morning I was all better and we decided that we better find a Walmart and get some groceries. So we found one less than 3 miles away.
I went inside for groceries while Pops waited to see if we would get a load. I had no sooner got our groceries back to the truck when we did get a load. It picked up in MA and was going to Iowa. We took the load.
So Pops and I got busy driving taking our turns the whole way across. I started out because it was just before noon. I drove us down through New England and into PA. I drove through Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Then Pops took over and drove us most of the rest of the way. When I woke up we were somewhere in Indiana. Then I started to drive again. Traffic around the Chicago area wasn't too bad when we went through there and then before I knew it we were crossing into Iowa.
We made our delivery and was headed back to Davenport, Iowa for layover. We are staying at the Iowa80 truckstop. It is billed as the World's Largest Truckstop. It is pretty amazing. There are many fast food restuarants, sit-down restuarants, a really big, I mean, really big store in the main building and the fuel location. There is a truckwash, a petwash, a laundramat, service center, hotel, musuem, and just about anything else you could want. But it is busy, all the time.
We have been here since last evening. We had some minor repairs done our truck and had a good night's sleep. I fixed a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. We did shop around some although didn't buy anything but a few postcards.
We have been getting some load opportunities, but so far not really anything that we can settle on. I sure hope that we aren't here for the weekend already. But I trust, God takes care and always gives us what we need.

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