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Thursday, August 1, 2013

San Antonio

After we made our delivery in Fort Worth we drove to San Antonio. Our truck owners and good friends, Tate and Shirley wanted us to come there and have new tires put on the truck.
I went to bed before we got there and woke up at a little truckstop next to the tire place.
At 8am we went down to AJ's tire shop and got 3 tires put on. We had just had one put on in Connecticut about two weeks ago. Now we would be ok for tires for awhile.
After that we met up with Tate and Shirley at the truckstop and then we went out to their place for a short visit.
Lucy got to run around and explore for critters while we visited. I wish we could have stayed longer.
I have had an on again off again earache for at least three weeks, but this day it was constant and getting worse. 
So after Tate and Shirley dropped us off we looked on the Internet for a walk-in clinic. We found one across town next to the Walmart and I figured that I would probably have to go there anyway, so that is where we headed.
I was in and out the clinic in under 40 minutes. I have a middle ear infection. The Dr prescribed antibiotics and a pain relieving ear drop.
So I went into Walmart in dropped off the prescriptions. While they were being filled I walked around the store. I found a tres leches cake. Pops and I like the "three milk" cake from Mexico. They are very good. But this time it was chocolate. So I bought us one.
I also found some interesting Mexican products that I had to buy as well, some for us and some to take home.
We spent the night in San Antonio. This morning we drove closer to Houston. We had a few load offers but nothing good. 
I was glad though because my ear hurts so bad that I could cry. I was very thankful for the day off.
I sure hope the medicine starts working and I feel better tomorrow. And I hope we get a good load, we've only had one load this week.
Tate and Shirley's Ranch
The name of the clinic
Yum, three milk cake. I posted a recipe for this probably last June. That's when we first tasted it.

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